Jerusalem of Gold

Raised in the U.K. but of Jewish heritage, I visit Israel when work and life allows. I've felt at home and homesick, in both lands. But it's only in Israel that there is so ancient a connection that, occasionally and inexplicably, I can't speak. Quintessentially English and western, yet with an ancient Jewish heart; how does that work? I have no idea. Doesn't every human soul have dichotomies? It's what makes us struggle for peace.


I love God's creation and love to snap photos of both Britain and Israel when I can. I hope you enjoy these alternate glimpses into the lands in my blood, one photo of Israel, the next of England and so on. When I let the Creator be LORD of my life, I watch Him slowly weave my heritages together into the colours that make His greatest beauty. But when I don't, the view around me just grates wherever, and with whomever, I stand. Have you ever felt your soul displaced, like you're living on top of a flat surface? Trust in the LORD of your soul and He will lead you home, to Himself.

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