The Hebrew for Hope

The Hebrew for Hope

If we love God's Word, we will know and understand many Bible verses about the word "Hope" from the English translation.  The following is a Hebrew study on the word "Hope" which the LORD gave me recently, just before I was unusually ill by my very healthy standards.  He's been repeating this Hebrew understanding to me over and over again for the last two months.  It's now time to share it. (11/03/2020)

The Hebrew verb for Hope is:


It is pronouched "kavah".  It literally means "to wait for, to look eagerly."  It is the verb used in Isaiah 40:31 when He reassures us that "those who wait on (hope in) the LORD shall renew their strength, they shall mount up on wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint."  

But in the Hebrew language, a noun is often derived from a verb. This means the noun of Hope is derived from constantly Hoping.  To make the noun of Hope, in this instance, we simply add the letter tav to the beginning of the word.  Here it is in Hebrew:


Can you see the last three letters of the noun are the same as the verb?  Because of the vowel changes it is now pronounced: "tikvah". Many Christians who love the Jewish people will recognise this word from the name of the Israeli National Anthem, Ha Tikvah, which means The Hope.  The anthem is a beautiful ancient poem set to music about the Jewish people's 2000 year old hope to return to and live in their promised land.

But how does this understanding of the Hebrew word "Hope" crucially help us at this specific time? And why has the LORD got me ready to share with you now? Wouldn't we know enough of what hope means simply from the English?  Quite possibly and the Holy Spirit speaks to each of the LORD's own in the way He chooses.  But anything the LORD asks me to bring, to you who will find and read this study, is how I am called and love to help my fellow bride in Yeshua. For me personally, I don't think the English word quite gives enough specific assurance and instruction for exactly where we are now. Forgive me if I'm wrong on this for you. But here's why I want to help. There is a shaking happening in the nations right now becasue of this virus, government actions regarding it, and the affect on the economy, the likes of which we won't have seen before in this generation. For this, His beloved needs to wait with even more trust in Him, by trusting in the promises of His written Word and any direct personal words He has given us. For this, we need to go even deepen in His written Word in His Holy Spirit and let ourselves humbly be even more refined and purified through our relationship with Him.  We are a Bride getting ready to be fit for our King.  So, what is deeper than going deep down into His original Hebrew, brought to life by His Holy Spirit in us?

Friends, the Hebrew noun for Hope (tikvah) shares itself with one other Hebrew word, which cannot be seen in any other language except the original Hebrew.  Tikvah also means "cord."  And the ONLY two places it is found in this form is in Joshua 2 verses 18 and 21:

"Behold, when we come into the land, thou shalt bind this cord of scarlet thread in the window..."

 הִנֵּה אֲנַחְנוּ בָאִים, בָּאָרֶץ; אֶת-תִּקְוַת חוּט הַשָּׁנִי הַזֶּה תִּקְשְׁרִי

I have highligthed the word tikvah in red. It says a "cord of scarlet thread." (The only reason it has a tav on the end, instead of a heh as before, is because it is saying "cord of" and in Hebrew the end letter is modified to reflect this. But it is still the same root word.) 

So, in the Hebrew,  God is literally saying to Rahav the prostitute: "bind this hope of scarlet thread in your window..." or "bind this waiting expectancy of scarlet in your window..."  It is obvious the scarlett colour of this promise of deliverance refers to Yeshua's Blood but for this short study I will only look at the cord part.  In Hebrew the word for "cord" here literally means a hope so strong it forms an unbreakable attachment, just like a strong cord.  This is where the LORD wants to get His Bride in these coming days, weeks and months of shaking all around us as we wait for His supernatural rescue in our homes, hidden in our deepening understanding and relationship with the God of Israel, the LORD Yeshua.

While the world shakes to the ground around her she is to gather all her loved ones in her home, tie the hope of scarlett in her window to show God's Blood has authority over her house, and wait expectantly to be saved by the armies of the God of Israel.  Those who have ears to hear listen to what the LORD is saying.

Some additional quick points about Rahab in this historical account in Joshua chapter 2:

She is a sinner.

She knows she is a sinner. 

She is humble ie: she doesn't put any of her rescue on anything she thinks she deserves but on the Sovereignty of the God of Israel as the One True God.

She knows Who the One True God really is, as opposed to the society's gods around her.

She somehow knows the so-called civilisation around her is going to be shaken and fall. 

She helps the Jewish people in several ways. 

She lies to protect them and in doing so puts herself also in a position of great danger. 

She nevertheless shows courage and ingenuity. Or as her soon-to-be new people call it, she shows "chutzpah"!

She follows God's instructions given to her by the two Jewish spies.

She does not betray their trust in her.

Her rescue and supernatural protection of her and her loved ones from the shaking destruction around her is dependent on her fulfilling several conditions.

For your further study dear brothers and sisters in Yeshua, here are links to the full account from Joshua chapter 2 and chapter 3.

The LORD bless and enrich you with Himself until we share in His Word again.  In Yeshua's Love. 

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