We Are Being Sifted

Jerusalem of Gold

We are being sifted

“They said to each other, “Come, let’s make bricks and bake them hard.” They used bricks for stones and asphalt for mortar. They said, “Come, let’s build for ourselves a city and a tower with its top in the sky, and let’s make a name for ourselves.…” (Genesis/Bereshit 11.4)

Up until this point, the LORD had instructed humans to build with stone. Stone provided by the LORD out of the earth He had created.  Man found a new way to build. God waited to see what motivation was behind this man-made-inspiration. Nothing about creating bricks was evil in itself. In fact, it was part of the creating spark He Himself put in us. He loves Godly inventions! But, then as they carried on speaking, out came their motivation! They had not been inspired to make bricks to worship God. But to make a name for themselves!

Christ is our Rock, our Stone. In fact, in Hebrew the word for “stone" or "rock” is a joining of the two Hebrew words for “Father” and “Son”!  Yeshua is hidden in the Hebrew all through the Old Testament!

Did you know the E.U. Parliament building in Strasbourg is designed on the tower of Babel?

In addition, anyone who has made themselves familiar with the words of God in the book of Revelation knows, the spirit of man-made “kingdoms” is represented by a woman riding a beast. That’s an ugly image.  She’s called the whore of Babylon.  Yet, this image is seen in the Euro coin! Plus, there is a statue of this very thing outside the European Council Building in Brussels!

"Babylon" and "Babel" may sound a bit different in the English.  But they are actually the same word.  "Babylon" is just the greek word for the Hebrew word "Babel".   For example, when Daniel prophesies  the fall of Babylon in Isaiah 21.9 – “Fallen, fallen is Babylon; and all the graven images of her gods are broken to the ground”  – the Hebrew says “Babel”.  “Naflah, naflah Babel!”

So, if you’ve ever wondered why the E.U. is so anti-Israel, there is your answer. Our decisions, at their root, will always be spiritual. In fact, we shouldn't be surprised. Why would an institution modelling itself on over-throwing the God of Israel want to submit its man-made self to the words of the LORD, especially on how to treat Israel, the Jewish people and Christian believers? It wouldn’t.

That is why the power of prayer is the main weapon we have to fight this battle of the E.U. referendum, in the LORD’s name, over this precious, beautiful land.  Last year I flew in over England from Europe, from a trip to Greece, where the reality of Europe's economic crisis is obvious. And as I flew over England's green fields rising from the coast I felt something so powerful it made my stomach flip - an incredibly God-given fondness for the land stretched out beneath me. The fondness came from the historical Judeo-Christian heritage within the land on which I looked down. But I could see we needed to pray because England is under threat from within from unholiness. Prayer, the Word of God and Faith will cause miracles to occur.

Although I don’t agree with the entire speech (so have omitted a phrase), Shakepeare’s words from Richard II are stunning in their spiritual accuracy, whether the Bard intended this or not. It is also so prescient of the current migrant crisis, yet was written 400 years ago!

"This royal throne of kings, this scepter'd isle,

This earth of majesty,

This other Eden, demi-paradise,

This fortress built by Nature for herself [here I would say built by God Himself!)

Against infection and the hand of war,

This happy breed of men, this little world,

This precious stone set in the silver sea,

Which serves it in the office of a wall

Or as a moat defensive to a house

Against the envy of less happier lands,

This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England."

Recently, I was talking with my area representatives of Christian Friends for Israel. In fact, I’d just finished giving them a Biblical Hebrew lesson. These dear dear friends are doing so much to carve out a space for Christians, Jews and Messianic believers to come together, to serve one another and to seek the LORD God of Israel, the LORD Yeshua. But as I chatted, I realised that through the window directly behind them flew an English flag, in the garden of one of their neighbours.  God drew my eye to it and I remembered a vision He’d given me, almost a year ago.

The vision was simple but powerful. It was of St George’s cross, the red cross on the English flag. It came down like a huge red ribbon and each end touched the ground at each border of England, north, south, east and west. From the border with Wales across to the east coast. From the southern border with the sea up to the line of the border with Scotland. I then remembered that St George’s cross intentionally represents the blood of Christ.  He was saying His Blood is still over this land, protecting us.

After I woke from this vision, the LORD asked me to learn more about St George. The LORD focussed me on ignoring the myth and seeing the symbolism, that St George defeated the dragon, the symbol of the devil and that he defeated it through the Word of God (his sword).

But, there was more to it than I thought. We are being sifted by our vote in the E.U. Referendum, not just whether we'll leave the E.U. for England but whether we'll leave the E.U. for Israel.  St George is the patron saint of England, a soldier but he was born in Israel! His mother was from his birth town in Israel. He named his sword Ashkelon after the city in Israel. Sir Winston Churchill decided to call his personal aircraft in World War II the same name. There is a church dedicated to St George in Israel that was twice destroyed by Muslim invaders but the third building of it in 1872 is still standing. When doing what the LORD told me, to research more about St George, I discovered the church where I’d stayed during my very first ministry trip to Israel was in St George's birth town and was just metres from the church of St George and in fact, overlooked it! I’d had no idea I was looking at the link between England and  Israel from the balcony every day all those years ago.  Lastly, I had this vision of Christ's blood still over England on the first night I was back in England after visiting Israel! Two little nations intricately connected in the LORD's eyes and heart by their opportunity to return to depending on the Word of God and Him, more than themselves.

As a law student, I purposefully  went to Maastricht, to visit the Maastricht Treaty building: “The Maastricht Treaty (formally, the Treaty on European Union) undertaken to integrate Europe was signed on 7 February 1992 by the members of the European Community in Maastricht, Netherlands. On 9–10 December 1991, the same city hosted the European Council which drafted the treaty. Upon its entry into force on 1 November 1993 it created the European Union and led to the creation of the single European currency, the euro. The Maastricht Treaty has been amended by the treaties of Amsterdam, Nice and Lisbon.” At the time I was visiting friends in the Netherlands. But asked to have a day to myself to make this trip by train. It was a strange visit because on the day I was there, I was the only visitor! I stood in the very room where the European Union was created - where England first signed away the authority over our own laws to the E.U. -  in complete silence, separateness and thoughtfulness. I had no idea of the spiritual connotations that would grow out of that one room for my two countries of England and Israel.

To the side is the E.U. poster printed the year of the signing of the Maastricht Treaty. It is the  picture of the tower of Babel.

Some Christians have been force-fed false unity. Unity at any cost. Or they unite around their desire to avoid the purity of the teachings of Christ, in a man-made version of "Christianity". And they unite around making a name for themselves:

“Let us make a name for ourselves in ministry.”

“Let us make a name for ourselves in the church.”

“Let us make a name for ourselves as a nation.”

“Let us make a name for ourselves as nations.”

“Let us build ourselves up greater than God.”

This is the spirit of Babylon.  It is alive and rising in the world today. This is the spirit of the E.U. It is also the spirit of the U.N. and all anti-God organisations; it thinks it is humanist at its core. But the spirit behind it mocks humans and is as old as the world itself. You are being sifted.     It is the spirit among religion and aposate modern "churchanity" movements.

If you are reading this, you will almost certainly know we are being given,  by the LORD, the opportunity to vote on June 23rd on whether to remain in or leave the E.U.  But, during prayer, to my surprise the LORD told me that this isn’t just about how the national vote goes. This is also about a sifting of every single individual.

Will each individual want to come out of the Babylonian spirit, or stay in it? 

The humanistic reason to want to stay in is simple: money, status and no trust in the God of the Bible. But the soul submitted to the Word of God will want to show the LORD Creator that they choose to separate themselves from the spirit of Babylon, that they will instead TRUST IN THE LORD WITH ALL THEIR HEART.    We are being sifted.

One of the silliest lies I have heard is, “If we leave the E.U. it is a leap into the unknown.” But we know exactly what kind of nation we will be out of the E.U. because we were for centuries!  And we were a missionary nation.  A nation which prayed. Our kings, queens and prime ministers called us to pray in times of danger. We depended deeply on the written word of God. I was crying out to the LORD, “What if people are beguiled and vote to stay in? LORD, what then?”   That’s when He said that a person’s decision to turn away from the spirit of Babylon and come out of it will bless them in more ways than they would imagine, from one vote.  Like closing the windows of our home, from something unseen to the natural eye, to keep those inside safe.  But, I also pray that the praying ones that are crying out to the LORD and who will vote out of the E.U. will carry the whole nation, in mercy, out of danger, at least for now, to preserve England for longer. And that England will find a new trade partner per excellence in her new-found littleness – that other little nation tucked under God’s Wings, Israel. Both under a huge God. Europe is financially bankrupt.  But make the LORD God of Israel, the LORD Yeshua, our provider and we WILL be protected. This principle works over our families. And this principle works over our family as a nation.

We are a Judeo-Christian nation.  Or we were.  But miracles happen. The dead are brought back to life. We can be again.  We can once again be a nation that depends on the Word of God. "To separate" in Hebrew is “Havdallah.”  It is seen as a very positive, holy thing and is the name given to prayers at the end of every Shabbat. It marks the end of this special day with the LORD, when we then go back out into the world. The LORD is the One who separates. Paul himself said he was "set apart for Christ." The most loving thing I can do is be so set apart for God that I bless those around me by being different to the world. 

Matthew 10:22 “You will be hated by everyone because of Me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.”

Exodus 19.5-6 “The LORD called to him from the mountain, “This is what you should say to Jacob’s household and declare to the Israelites: You saw what I did to the Egyptians, and how I lifted you up on eagles’ wings and brought you to Me. So now, if you faithfully obey Me and stay true to My covenant, you will be My most precious possession out of all the peoples, since the whole earth belongs to Me. You will be a kingdom of priests for Me and a holy nation. These are the words you should say to the Israelites.”

Leviticus 20:26 “Set you apart from peoples to be Mine.”

Romans 1.1-5 “From Paul, a slave of Christ Jesus, called to be an apostle and set apart for God’s good news. God promised this good news about his Son ahead of time through his prophets in the holy scriptures. His Son was descended from David.  He was publicly identified as God’s Son with power through His resurrection from the dead, which was based on the Spirit of holiness. This Son is Jesus Christ our Lord. Through Him we have received God’s grace and our appointment to be apostles. This was to bring all Gentiles to faithful obedience for His name’s sake."

England blessed the nations most when she was set apart as a Judeo-Christian nation.  We will individually, and as a nation, be most blessed when we choose to set ourselves apart from the spirit of Babylon.  I pray as a nation that we don’t make a name for ourselves, that we instead make a name for the God of the Bible. And I pray we don’t just get out of the E.U. I  intercede that as a nation we get back to God’s Word as our guiding light, that churches and church leaders wake from their slumber and that we follow the Word of God in purity and love under His Wings, knowing we wouldn’t stand a chance without Him.

Because we don’t stand a chance without Him! Put your trust in Yeshua. If you haven’t already, submit your life to Christ, the LORD and Saviour. He is God, the God of Israel, who came as a man to show the unfathomable beauty, power, love and kindness of the God Who created each of us. Trust Him with everything that overwhelms you. Trust Him to save your soul and forgive you. Trust in Him and pray this nation does too. Trust in the blood of Christ. He paid the price for your sins, my sins and our sins as a nation. May you feel His peace over you and your home, in Yeshua’s Name. Amen.

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