Prophetic Words and Dreams

Prophetic Words, Dreams and Visions:

These words are given to me from God I believe to confirm to His Bride what she is already hearing direct from Him; to cleanse, repent, heal, prepare, purify and make sure we are safe in His Ark now!!! You will not be reading these words by 'mistake'.

They are also given to convict you if you are not yet a Follower of the God of the Bible, the LORD Yeshua. Click on the titles in the right hand column to access. Many of these prophetic words, dreams and visions are also in audio form on our YouTube channel, if you find that easier than reading.

These recent words and dreams are a surprising addition to public ministry to me. I am more used to sharing with the church the character and wonder of the LORD God from the Biblical Hebrew language; which forms the main section of the website - Hebraic and Prophetic Teaching. 

I'm not sure if I will still be here on this earth for all of the events the LORD God has shown me through His Holy Spirit, as I often felt very calm, like a detached observer, in many of them. As parts of each word are fulfilled I will try to add notes in purple with links. If you come across confirmational events please do email me via the Contact Page. The LORD has often given me visions, dreams or words throughout my life that have partially come to pass quickly, as if to confirm that the rest will also therefore come to pass further out in the future. I hope these words move you to PRAY AND SPEND MORE TIME IN HIS WORD OF TRUTH AND IN PRAYER WITH HIM. In Yeshua's Name.