THE True North

THE True North

13/10/2020 - 25 Tishrei 5781. You can listen along to this Word and Teaching on our YouTube channel here:

Something is soon to happen in America. It will change everything, at least that is how it will feel. It will force all of us to ask Where, or Who, is my True North? If it's not Yeshua, the feeling of psychological shock will be almost impossible to assimilate. What does North mean in Hebrew? Why is Yeshua, the LORD of the Bible THE ONLY TRUE NORTH? 

In Ezekiel 8, God tells Ezekiel to do something very specific:

“Mortal man, look towards the north.” (verse 5).

So, before the man of God is going to spiritually see the wickedness of the leaders of the people unfold, and the judgement come on the people for their idolatries against their Creator, the LORD tells His prophet to look towards the north. Why? The answer is lost in English and only found in the Hebrew:

Northwards in Hebrew is "Tzafon-ah": צָפ֔וֹנָה  It comes from the verb root: צפן

This root means: "the secret place, stealthily watch, authority, concealed, hidden, ambush, store away, be kept, hide, stored treasures.

To understand what is going on behind the scenes, and in the heavenly battles during these times, we have to spend time in the Secret Place in His Word with our LORD.

And to make it even more Messianic hidden beauty this verse actually says in Hebrew:

“Lift up your eyes to the Way of the North.” 

שָׂא-נָא עֵינֶיךָ דֶּרֶךְ צָפוֹנָה

And Who is the Way?

That is the Way of the King Yeshua and all the secret place storehouses of trust, care, peace, protection and provision He deeply wants to provide and give His Bride - of all colours - to help her through these very, very difficult coming times. It is going to be very, very hard on our human souls to watch the suffering of other humans, even the society that has tried to humiliate and mock God’s Loving Word and harass His Bride. We carry His Compassion after all.  But this generation have mocked our God for a very, very long time, so our response is a test of our loyalty to our Bridegroom. 


And, to add, the Hebrew for "visions" (מַרְאוֹת) in Ezekiel 8:3 is exactly the same as the Hebrew word for a mirror. These storms coming are just mirrors, to show us what’s inside ourselves. Are we as full as we can be of His Word and Trust? Are we loyal to Him or to fallen humanity? We are currently watching the fall of America. A suddenly is coming that will change the world as we have known it forever. This week I saw something very strange - a river of fire deep under ground going from England actually and erupting upwards to destroy New York, and then going down again and coming up over to the far West Coast around Yosemite Area to the West Coast down to California. I don't understand what I saw but because it was deep under the strata of the earth, it means it is a "deeply hidden thing."

What is obvious to many heavy-hearted followers in the LORD God of the Bible, is that America is about to suffer a very catastrophic shock. We can feel it. I keep wondering if today is the day it comes on the news, prophetically it feels very close. America had a freedom it didn't ultimately value as such an exceedingly rare jewel throughout the history of the world: Christian freedom. For anyone who has ever lived or worked in a non-Christian country, the Christian freedom of American was stunningly evident by comparison. I've sat at a desk in a middle eastern country unable to access any Christian website at all; ALL Christian content is banned by the ideology of that government.

My heart is full of love and prayers for my American brothers and sisters in Yeshua. You are so so precious to Him and - as one of you says often: "if you're in Christ, everything is going to be alright."  But the LORD keeps giving me the book of Obadiah. Read it. I keep feeling it is the LORD trying to tell me about America. In it the LORD describes a "confederacy" (verse 7) that is "exalting itself as the eagle" (verse 4). It feels like for years I've been watching the slow peel back of a Biblical Christianity, into a new televised breed, and the USA tragically exporting this unbiblical creature of motivational talk mixed with psychology and the love of money, possessions and fame, out into the ready veins of a more ancient faith-tested world. It's so sad, really. Like watching a very blessed teenager ruin a truly magificient gift they were given, but lacked the maturity to truly value. I am not talking to my beautiful Kingdom family in Yeshua in the States. I'm talking to a land blood-soaked in catastrophic abortion, and unblibical, defiling living, celebrated arrogantly - a land where "they glory in their shame" and the entertainment industry wraps it up like poisoned candy - oh land of maddening adulteries, you have sent yourself mad. (Philippians 3 / Revelation 18). The LORD keeps sharing with me recently this question from Psalm 11: "If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?"  American's foundations were never as pure as we would hope to believe. And eventually, rot in the foundations will destroy the house, if the Word of God isn't applied often to stem that rot.

The LORD God has pulled away the human veneer of inner chaos, anger, hatred between races, arrogance, carelessness, self-obsession, profound sexual degradation exported for dollars around the globe, destructive forces and continued fear.

But dear Bride of Christ in America and the world, LOOK TO THE TRUE NORTH!!! We are each going to have to fix our eyes on Him, more and more and more, to get safely home in Him. The LORD always has an alternate plan to turn the tables on evil plans; to redeem that overwhelming pressure, when people feel overcome and at the end of themselves, to call to God and turn back to Him. The enemy of our souls comes to steal, kill and destroy. As he gloated over Yeshua’s death he didn’t realise He was witnessing the birth of global salvation. Let us pray for souls to be saved in the carnage and grief of these coming times, especially as we watch the coming suddenly upon our younger relative America, when evil thinks it has its way. Remember that the LORD's Word has told us in advance so much of what we endure as believers in Him and see in the world.  As a note for a past word, pray, pray, pray, for Israel and Jerusalem. The enemy is not only after destroying souls in America, and causing much fear in the world, but he has his eye on coming against Jerusalem, because he knows that is where Messiah will reign. The weaker American becomes, the more vulnerable - in human terms - Israel looks to her enemies. Pray for her supernatural protection in the LORD God of Israel. And pray for her own repentance from her many sins too.  Israel look to your True North, not to other alliances!

And to my precious, beautiful, tired, warrior-ing, sometimes wisely hiding, declaring, trusting and sometimes anxious fellow Bride, LOOK TO THE WAY OF THE KING AND HIS SECRET PLACE AND STOREHOUSES OF THE LORD KING YESHUA. LOOK TO YOUR TRUE NORTH!  Let Him hold you, tell you exactly what you need to do and when. Let Him soften the pain of what is about to happen by hiding you in His Arms. Fill your mind and heart with the Solidness of the Truth of His Word.  He is the Way, the Truth and the Life, while around us are the ways of lies and death.  Hide yourself in your True North, deeply in His Secret Place. Know you are stored away and concealed in His Life and Resurrection as precous treasure to Him.

And non-US friends, let's pray for our brothers and sisters in America to be shining lights in an increasingly dark time around them. And for us to hold steady and grieve the consequences of gross unholiness; it has spread down spiritually from US government these last 12 years of so like never before, hidden in plain sight.

LORD for our brothers and sisters in Your Holy Heavenly Kingdom in the States, protect them, guide them, lift their spirits in their fear, grief and confusion, steady their hearts and minds through Your Word, strengthen them, heal them, give them heavenly inspiration and clear minds to stand on Your Truth against the demonic insanity rising and raging around them. Give them Your strategies and answers, and keep them safe in Your Heavenly Kingdom on earth and for evermore.

Thank You LORD for your kindness and for choosing us, in Yeshua’s Name. Amen.

And if you’re reading this and you’re not a believer in Yeshua yet, but you know something doesn’t feel right, that something is very wrong and you also know your wishful thinking that it’s all going to get better by itself is causing you anxiety, open a Bible and start reading. The King of the Universe wants to take care of you too, if you let Him. Do faith His way, not your own. Ask Him for His Holy Spirit to help you understand His Word rightly and you WILL begin to feel safer, calmer and more protected as you see Him work in your life. Repent of your sins, give your soul to Him and be safe, whatever happens to you physically.

There are several words the LORD has given me about America this year, I've tried to list the USA next to the words which refer to America for you in the list here; for your prayer, preparation in His Secret Place and protection. I would like to draw your attention back to the first He gave me to put up publically, which He told me to call: The Unthinkable.

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