Berlin and Spiritual Brexit

Berlin and Spiritual Brexit

On 29 Cheshvan 5781 (17.11.20) I had the following strange vision and word.

Please do not read this if you are recovering from any related form of child abuse. If you are resolved and healed or healing in the LORD - and He has brought you to be able to strongly intercede against this demonic issue, or you are called into battle in the LORD for the innocent - this word and vision is strongly for your intercessions and declarations through His Word.


“Will you tell them this?” [He was asking me to bring a strange word.]


I saw a line running south east from Berlin to Cyprus. I drew it on a piece of paper, circling the word “Berlin.”

He then showed me this line across the land which I had drawn splitting open, like breaking the crust of a bread. Up came rocks, not too many, like a cut in skin, seeing blood, “for their blood” – I heard Him say.

Why tell them?

To warn My ones.

To repent.

To show that I am God.

Why this line?

They know [meaning evil people]– it’s the route of child trafficking for demonic slaughter. The route is defiled with the cries of the innocent. So the land cries out. I will show with My breaking how their cries are so valuable to Me that I split the earth. They – the evil ones – are blood lusty. They cannot get enough. So I will unearth them. I will split open their temple, their altar and uproot and utterly destroy their route of evil. [I knew by His Holy Spirit that this temple was in Berlin and could roughly see the insides of a building. I saw the face of an American politician who was fearful of God's destruction of the evil temple when she heard.]

I wrote these words down alongside the line from Berlin to Cyprus that He had given me to draw:

“Like a holocaust train, they do not return from their horror-sacrifice. On the same tracks! The spirit and ground has memory of death and cries over the same. “ENOUGH!”.

I then drew an arrow on the line from Berlin pointing south with the words ‘empty’ and then from Cyprus pointing north with the words ‘full’. I knew this meant the train was full as it travelled north but empty as it travelled south, meaning all had been murdered in Berlin.

Caught in My net. Terrible things will I see.

And the children’s souls in Heaven Rejoice at their exposure to their evil selves. [ie: those involved will know God is bearing down on them. A secret but large occultic temple in Berlin being destroyed in a geological occurrence will not make the news, but The One True God begins to fill all those involved secretly with a spirit of terror.]

They sit and weep for their broken altar, they are that mad. Evil is always insane. [I also thought of  Hitler at this point in the vision-word. Same geographical ground and spirit of demonic sacrifice]. For to be sane – to be right minded – is to love. The fire will spew out of this line. But when My anger has abated and I signal to the evil principalities that I see and upturn and begin to bring destruction, I will (temporarily) cover over the hot earth with snow in the centre of the route.

[Afterwards, the world will think this strange geological occurrence has abated. But really The One True Holy God is sending an Eternal Message of His Judgement to those evil people and beginning to terrify them with visions of their own destruction in hell, hence the slight splitting open of the earth to reveal pockets of hotness. I do not yet know what the geological structure of the earth in this region looks like, regarding fissures and slight faults, but I will research this as the LORD God leads me. It is a strange vision and word for a strange event. I also felt this dream was not incredibly imminent, but I could easily be wrong, as many of the words and dreams He is giving me are currently America, UK and China focussed. But regardless of it’s time, it was the feeling I got that the One True God is keeping accounts, that ground has spiritual imprints in routes of death that replay unless cleansed by His Blood, and hell is waiting for these evil people.]

Thy will be done.


[Today, two days after the vision, when I compared the line I had drawn from Berlin to Cyprus over the top of an actual map, both political and physical, I was amazed that the line matched the following route: From Berlin almost immediately into Poland, following rivers to Warsaw, then arching slightly eastwards through the Ukraine through Kiev, again following the rivers, like being sent back into the past routes of horror-sacrifice to the Black Sea port of Odessa. Then the line I’d drawn went across the black sea to Istanbul, then straight south across Turkey to Cyprus. This arching slightly eastward bulging line I drew to my amazement when placed over a physical map, completely avoided the Carpathian mountains and would be the most natural route to build a railway line and use for both the transport trains of the Holocaust and now use as the route for child trafficking from Cyprus up to Berlin. The area on the line where I wrote “crack open” is mainly in Ukraine and skimming a very southern small portion of Belarus, ‘watch the river beds.’]

[A WARNING FIRST LAYER CONFIRMATION? Note added 16/07/2021: I didn't spot what I believe the LORD is wanting me to call a 'first layer' confirmation - meaning a small warning part comes true before the large part, because it is DESTRUCTION BY WATER FIRST along the riverbeds, NOT YET BY FIRE. Also, more to the west than I| saw: "More than 100 dead and over 1,300 unaccounted for, as flood ‘catastrophe’ hits Germany." This feels like an early pre-tribulation partial warning I think? The article literally has a picture-map of the river beds! Also, I didn't spot the connection until the German Prime Minister used the word "catastrophe". Why? Because the Hebrew word for the Holocaust means "catastrophe!" (Shoah) So, a completely aligned link. And, in another article, they compared the devastation to the Second World War! So, this is not what I saw but there are some early, mild and uncanny connections.]


I must add as a British citizen, that this is another reason why we must get out of the E.U. We MUST pray for a spiritual Brexit as well as a political one.

“Hearken unto Me My people, and give ear unto Me, O My nation; for a law shall proceed from Me and I will make My judgment to rest for a light to the people. My righteousness is near; My salvation is gone forth, and Mine arms shall judge the people; THE ISLES SHALL WAIT UPON ME AND ON MINE ARM SHALL THEY TRUST.” (Isaiah 51:4-5)

This is a true prophetic word for the British Isles, if Scotland will lose her rebellious spirit, she will be welcomed to join in this Promise from the LORD God of Israel the LORD Yeshua.


This word and vision is published on 19.11.20 (3rd Kislev). 

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