Earthquake USA - Englands Needed Response

Earthquake USA - England's Needed Response

Published 08:18 18 Kislev (04/12/20).  Given on 8 Cheshvan (26/10/20).

Please note that this is part two of a word published on 25 Cheshvan (12/11/20).  I have been holding back from publishing this second part since then. For part one "Untimely Memorial" please click here.

America will have never been through anything even remotely like this in her life. The reaction from some nations will be disgusting. The reaction from Israel will be heart warming. The reaction from England will be grief [linked to another dream about Prince William at the London cenotaph mourning both for this nation, personally for his family and for America]; deep distressed grief, especially vocalised by those under thirty, who have no knowledge of living with relatives who lived through previous wars and knew stoicism in international grief.  The young (from 14-30 ish) will almost over-personally identify with the trauma of America, and this will appear selfish to the old; “unseemly.” I say this to help this country grieve together but to sit in churches and pastors, lead with the Word of God. To church leaders: if you lead with tripe tropes you will be held accountable for the time you had so many in your hearing and vision, who were needing the certainty of Resurrection Life after Death, and you gave them no hope, through your fear of the law. Change the law, by ignoring it. The Equality Act 2010, which makes some Christian words codified as offensive, can be made irrelevant by simply being so often ignored that it becomes a dusty old relic of the idiocy of an era of moral fog. Let that grief blow that fog away, so we as England rise up from our grief determined to love the LORD of the Bible, repentant, renewed in our identity as a Christian nation, not tolerant of the sins that have eaten away, like termites, at our corporate moral strength and sanity.

“Take back, take back, take back your sceptred isle, we fight from the remnants of inexpressible shock. But some will not be shocked, because the wicked would not repent. But you, our little older wiser, more hesitant sister, you can climb back up out of the hole, where we do not know how we will do it” the American Christians cry.

I see people, including myself, stopping and standing still when we hear the news. People will stop in the street. They will stop half-way across their rooms in their houses. They will wake to the news and stay in their pyjamas all day and through the next night. “There is nothing else on TV.” “What happens now?!” Just screaming and wailing. Some will sit for hours, days. Some companies will have people in but they will do no work, they will just talk and watch and cry. There will be a black screen. I saw a black TV screen. I don’t know what this means. Is it a memorial image or is connection actually broken?

A day or two after the shock there will arise great fear in this country, as recognition grows that America is now so weak that other powers may rise. There will be a scramble of diplomatic shifting, I saw a big board, like those flat plastic travel puzzles, where you have to move the squares to try to get one up to the top corner from the bottom etc. Lots and lots of phone and video calls. Diplomats immediately being airlifted. Some banks will temporarily close their doors, as financial waves roll through the system. Small children will know too much about it, due to social media. Their parents will try to calm them down. They will see things young children would not previously have seen in such a disaster. People will remember their holidays in the States or scenes from some of their favourite TV shows and films and just put their head in their hands and weep.

Slowly the brave will equate God’s judgement to the murder of babies at full term and the hideous unrepentance of laws “as in the days of Noah”, with this event. Quick quickly after this, more and more and more international preachers, and even some heads of state and leaders, will dial back on the aggressive promotion of these evil sins. For the first time in almost 50 years preachers will for a time be able to preach from Sodom and Gomorrah and Noah, the real life and death consequences of mocking God our Creator until He shakes the world awake.

Do you think anyone is listening LORD?

[is it a real huge earthquake or is it a wave of God’s judgement like war, or is it both, so closely spiritually connected, and that’s why I can’t spiritually separate them?]

You must tell them, so they know that I do speak to My servants.

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