Intercede for Chinese Christians

Intercede for our brothers and sisters in Christ in China

Dream given night of 23/07/20 (3rd Av 5730). Written at 07:14, 24/07/20 and emailed to a Messianic friend at 09:43 of the same day. Published here on morning of 27/07/2020. You can listen along to this dream on our YouTube channel here:

"Last night I had the most incredible, unusual dream. I have been dreaming of events that affect the United States and Israel. Last night I dreamt – for the first time in my life that I can currently recall – of an event in China. I was there, but I believe I represent a Chinese believer in the LORD, because of the supernatural protection I was given. I woke focussed on the need to intercede for our brothers and sisters in Christ in China.  I have tended to think of national prophetic events regarding China as against the ideology of Communist China. I sometimes forget that there will be believers struggling within that spiritual God-hating monster and under immense pressure because of their faith in the LORD.

Over the last two weeks I have felt called by God to watch and research the flooding in China. What I saw last night in the dream was beyond my imagination.  The dream consisted of short scenes strung together:

Placement introduction section of the dream: I’m in a British shopping mall. I am at a stand selling something. I work with my neighbour.  I see food on the table of the stand. It is time for me to go home. I am most concerned to leave some of my food for my neighbour. I am leaving because two police officers, one male, one female, and a shopper are having an interaction right next to the stand about black lives matter. The female officer is rumoured to be a B list famous British singer, who has a very immoral image in the tabloids. But she is now without make up and dressed as a female policer officer. I can’t see it as the same person, because she looks nothing like her famous edited image and when her make-up is taken off she looks incredibly plain and has nothing at all that would make you look at her. She is doing most of the talking. Everything about this incident is British. My neighbour is one of my actual neighbours. The police uniform is British. The female immoral performer is British I think. So I think this may be the warning incident that the next scenes are coming. I don’t want to research this celebrity and what she is posting online but I think this is the-peg-in-the-ground part of the dream, to give the timing. In the dream I could move around, tidy up my things and freely leave, even while moving directly next to them into their line of sight and they did not interact with me at all. So, this is an observation timing and placement dream.

Scene 1: In the dream I awake from sleeping. I’m outside. I have been sleeping on what looks like a sand dune on the edge of a beach area. The sand looks a light sand grey colour, more grainy that fine beach sand (like a river beach). There are people around me. They are all Chinese. I’m in China. I turn to look around. What I see is nothing I have ever seen before on this planet! The landscape just half a metre or so from where my head was sleeping is totally and utterly devastated. “The flood came right up to here!!” I say the words. I am now amazed in the dream by the supernatural protection of the LORD. So I am a believer who was sleeping in China, either actually sleeping or metaphysically. I am now trying to take a picture of the scene to show the LORD’s supernatural protection. But my phone won’t work properly. It keeps cutting out or switching features. For the first few seconds the sky light of the scene is normal. But then it turns a reddy-pink colour and it gets hazy. The scene I see is very hard to describe because it’s so unearth-like. It looks like a massive flood has swept everything over with very large grey rocks, mud and literally changed the landscape into something that resembles the moon or the surface of another planet. As the sky turns redder it looks even more like an extra terrestrial scene. The devastated landscape is literally as far as I can see. The direction of the flood is therefore over the horizon a long way away, and the flood water was profound, incredibly sudden and huge. I am praying for the LORD’s help to describe what I am seeing. The scene is not flat, as we would imagine a normal flood to be. The landscape to my immediate left is high hills of some description, like a rocky hill leading down to what was lower land. In the dream I keep saying “Look where I was sleeping! The flood came right up to there!” There was a line in the sand bank, of lighter sand, and one can clearly see this is where this believer was sleeping, within centimetres of destruction beyond belief, as far as the eye can see on an industrial scale. Now more Chinese local people arrive. I still am trying to get my phone to work to get evidence of the supernatural protection of my LORD, to show you my friends.

Scene 2:  I have now walked backwards slightly away from the edge of the flood. It wasn’t a tsunami. Because what it has left is not the sea but a mud and rock strewn landscape. But it was sudden and huge. I can tell by the reaction of the people. They are amazed. I see one Chinese man do a very strange reaction. He does a back flip. He cannot laugh. He is not sad, he is internally happy! I realise in the dream it is because he knows this will humiliate the leaders he hates but he must keep this inside himself and simply do what looks like a strange thing on the beach right next to the flooded landscape. He is shut down emotionally from fear, he can only show his joy by doing an acrobatic move. I say softly and fondly at this reaction into my phone camera. “The Chinese are a funny lot.” I’m trying to express the mis-direct between what we understand as demonstrations of emotions in the West, as opposed to how we see those emotions trying to form expression and formation under Communist China.

Scene 3: I’m now in a house. It is my mother’s home in China. I have never been to China. But I can feel the cultural pressure, the total understanding that I must go and get my aging mother out of danger. Inside her house is very small, very modest, with lots of wood slates on the walls. I am in a life saving hurry. I declare: “We must leave this island.” We are not actually on an island, but it is an area of land that is surrounded either by mountains or rivers or both and another sudden devastating flood is considered imminent. I can persuade her to leave with me. But two people stand in our way. Strangely, her husband, who is an old heavy set white man (I do not know what or who he represents). And an old, old very dominating quite frightening tiny thin old Chinese woman. I am asking the LORD who she is and all I hear is “The Old Woman of China.” I know very, very little about Chinese ancient history or folklore and haven’t yet looked up the phrase. But I know in the dream that she represents the evil spirit of ancient China, like a much older version of control over the people, than even Communism. In the dream I do something very unusual. I suddenly punch her in the face to knock her out. I know I must knock her out to save my mother’s life. This immediately releases her power of fear over my elderly mother. Then I can take my old mother’s hand and walk her outside the house. She has lots of old suitcases, ready beside her old car, as if she had a little time to prepare to go. So, warning over this next impending flood must have been broadcast. We go to her car because some of her suitcases are already in the boot and some are besides it. But she says to her old white husband, “I’ve left the keys inside.” She can’t find her car keys in her grey woollen cardigan pocket. He goes to return inside but I know if he does that he is going to see that I have knocked out The Old Woman of China, the evil territorial spirit, and report me. I see my car! My actual real blue car in the dream! I say “We can take my car!” I am literally throwing in the suitcases and bundling her into the car, as we have seconds to leave, before I am found out and reported. The urgency is profound, seconds to leave! I do it, the car is crammed with everything she has tried to take with her. I leave nothing behind of hers, even a small child’s polystyrene surf board. I think this represents her childhood. I drive out of the rough area where many old cars were parked closely together outside her tiny house and turn onto the road, leaving her old white husband, inside the ‘house’, who is weak and follows the system behind. As I drive away I know that The Old Woman of China will wake up soon and we must drive away as far and quickly as possible before that happens.

Scene 4: I am now on a Chinese road driving away from the house. It is night. It is pouring with heavy rain. It is dark and it is hard to see out the windscreen as I drive. The rain is the reason another disaster from the flood is expected. The rain is incredibly heavy. I slow right down because to my horror there is a very very poor Chinese single mother with her two children on the side of the road. But what I see horrifies me. The small children are having to crawl on the road themselves. The mother is only holding one, very detached. One is on the ground moving himself, he is disabled, about six to eight years old and he is pulling himself along on the concrete. His clothes have holes in them. There is about 2-3 inches of dirty rainwater on the road. And this disabled boy is pulling his body weight with long-atrophied legs along in the water with his arms, one of which is also disabled. It is horrific social neglect. I know this because no one else around is surprised. Everyone is rushing to escape. (I have only ever seen something even remotely similar in the dead of night in Africa, when due to the heat of the day, small children and women and some men walk bare foot along the non pavement edges of dirt roads through the night instead, to travel between towns. The driver didn’t really slow down that much, there was zero street lights, so a small child driving a cow along the dust edge of the road would come up very quickly in the headlights.)  But this Chinese scene was worse, because the road was concrete, there were cars and modern sections of society around. And yet, these children were completely abandoned to fend for themselves. The juxtaposition was sickening. I slowed down, so as not to run any risk of accidentally hitting them, and balanced this care with the urgency to get my elderly Chinese mother to safety. Another group of even smaller Chinese children reared up in the dark. There was no adult or carer with them. They looked two to four years old. In the pouring rain, on the side of the road, in danger of being hit by cars, in the dark and panic. It was devastating. They were also going the wrong way. There was uniform panic and urgency to get off this land mass area that was the next expected to incur a sudden devastating flood. I had a feeling the land mass, called “the island” in the dream was riddled with crust weaknesses beneath the earth, I could supernaturally ‘see’ it in the dark grey earth beneath me as I drove. I was aware that earthquakes might occur. It was like a valley land locked by high mountains in the dark, that was just a funnel for the water. Above and behind the line of houses that lined the road, in this supernatural sight I could see low lying uniform grass shoots of crops in the flat land. I knew we were going to get out in time but at that realisation I woke up.

I woke thinking, if China’s dams flood - if it affects as much of their land as the first scene of total moon-surface rocks and barren mountain hills and grey earth slides as I saw - maybe this is what makes China want to invade US land? (food, agriculture, manufacturing infrastructure)

Some interpretation: My mind now awake is aware that there has been a prophecy of the Three Gorges Dam collapsing. This wasn’t an information dream. It was visceral. It was breath takingly devastating. IT WAS UNLIKE ANY NATURAL DISASTER I HAVE YET SEEN.

  1. Why was the sky turning reddy pink and the air turning hazy? Was this symbolic?
  2. My phone wouldn’t work. I think this means the CCP will try to block all news coverage out and will succeed for a short while, until it gets out.
  3. When it gets out, even some of the Chinese people will be overjoyed, as they will see this “UNNATURAL NATURAL DISASTER” as injuring the pride of the Communist Party. But they will still be unable to express or show this hatred of the Communist Party in ways we in the Western mind will at first understand, unless we look closer at their stunted emotional expression through generations of fear.
  4. My blue car, which was the vehicle of escape, is 100% purchased in real life by settlement money I was awarded after a Christian persecution case. The Chinese Church has suffered more persecution than I can imagine. So I think my car is a symbol of the supernatural reward for suffering through which they will escape.
  5. Praise the LORD for His supernatural protection from the devastation for Chinese believers.
  6. Pray that they will wake up! And praise Him through their phones! This is something we do here that is made technologically impossible in China. No matter what I tried in the dream, I could not get my camera to take a photo of the scene for several minutes.
  7. Pray for our Chinese brothers and sisters as they try to rescue and move their loved ones out of further harm.
  8. Pray for a knocking out of the territorial demonic spirt of The Old Woman of China, who does not want to let the believers and their families leave her ancient spiritual territory.
  9. Pray over what the old slightly overweight slow moving, white man husband is about. He was under the control of the Old Woman of China. I do not understand this symbolism as I know very little about Chinese history and have never been to China.
  10. Pray for exposure of the cruelty and lack of care to the disabled of China, especially the very small children and orphans. I know I have seen some journalistic work on this that was produced way back in the 1990’s but not much since.
  11. Pray for time to escape and salvations through the spiritual knocking out of this demonic ancient spirit, that goes back centuries through folklore and holds many Chinese in their poverty, their wooden shacks of homes, villages, and their fear; while there is 21st century technology around them.
  12. I’m pretty sure what I was seeing was the after effects of a terrible dam collapse or maybe more than one compounded? Because it changed the landscape on a scale that looked “like another planet.” In the dream I could see no evidence of any structure in this devastated area except grey rocks. Some of the rocks had long scratch marks on them, as if they had been scrapped with large metal claws, and then tumbled over each other, glued together with grey mud.

On 13/07/20 Israeli news published that "Iran and China have quietly drafted a sweeping economic and security partnership." Read in-depth commentary here

In addition, persecution and suppression of Christians in China by the CCP is on-going.

Note added 06/10/20: Please pray for Chen Yu, a Chinese online Christian Bookstore owner, who was recently sentenced to SEVEN YEARS in prision for selling Christian literature, as well as charged approximately £30,000.