Love Letter to my fellow Brides

Love Letter to my fellow Brides

12:23 pm 17th Tamuz 5730 (09/07/20). You can also watch and listen to his Word via our Videos link above.

This word includes three short sections: a specific Love Letter to His Bride, a beautiful experience from the LORD to encourage His Bride and lastly a miraculously-delivered message of His Coming to His Bride!!!

First, inspiried through His Holy Spirit, a love letter to my fellow brides. Male and female, from many countries, your videos, writings, comments and courage have brought me comfort, guidance and confirmation. This website, and now small YouTube channel, is to do just the same for you.

In a time when many church buildings are not places to find the Truth of His Word, He shut them. When everything that is not Kingdom is being shaken by Him - in order to strengthen Him in us, which cannot be shaken - thank you for sharing what you are hearing from our King.

I look for you online. I don’t always know your names nor which country you are speaking from. Some of you show your faces, some of you speak, and pray, while you point the camera to God’s creation or at your feet, and some take a screen capture like me. You each comfort me through sharing some of His Spirit in His Word. Some of you are young, some of you are older. I look for you by praying and recognising His Spirit either in your faces in the previews, or He directs me to click on a specific video with a capture. We are an anonymous Bride to the world, but each known so intricately to Him with a specific named place setting at His Kingdom Wedding Feast.

He helps us find each other online somehow. This quiet time of Lock-ins with our LORD has increased that online Kingdom family across the globe, while we sometimes can't go outside our front door. How genius and loving of our King! Thank you for your messages fellow Brides of our King. Your words through His Holy Spirit and Word of Truth lift me more towards Him, as I hope my messages on this website and Channel lift you more towards Him too. He wanted me to share these prophetic words, dreams and visions to confirm and encourage His Brides on what she already knows directly from Him. And always, always in His Word!!!

(It’s like we are all in a circle, facing outwards during our active walks. We read His Word, we see, we listen, we watch, we engage, we pray, we fight. We take notes of what He is saying. But He knows we may feel on our own. We may feel momentarily unsure. We are seeing unspeakable things. Things that are hard to comprehend. So, He helps us find each other online. Then, for a few minutes here and there, in each other’s ‘company’, we rest in His Spirit in His Word, we turn inwards to each other and open up our notes at the same time. And we find He has given us the exact same words, even if we couldn’t put it into words ourselves, as such. So, we take courage, we smile, we communicate with each other where appropriate, we refuel through Him seen in glimpses in each other. We take note of the same core of His messages, so united we’ve often heard from Him the same Bible passage and symbolism of His Word in the same day or week! We share and learn of additional perspectives and details, that each may add strength, comfort and encourage our strategies according to His Word. Then we turn outwards again for the battle, and we pray more and more without ceasing. And then rest, turn inwards to each other, refuel through Him in the company of His Brides, and repeat, over again.) 

So, this is my love letter to my fellow Brides. Thank you for helping me and thank you for listening. When I finish reading and watching your Bridal messages online I usually say something like “Looking forward to meeting you in Heaven fellow Bride!” I often bless you and want to pray for you each more. And now His Love Messages to His Brides...


I had an incredible spiritual experience last night, all through the night. Hearing these Words, Dreams and "Wake Up!" messages from our LORD God is an unspeakable privilege: to carry messages for our Stunning Invincible Glorious King! And also exhausting sometimes in sadness and grief. Or my human mind may whirl at trying to comprehend the reality of some of these events.  Three days ago (06/07/20) I went out to a supermarket, for only the third time since the first lockdown in England over three months ago (on 23/03/20). And everyone looked so oblivious, so unchanged, so expecting or falsely hoping it will all ‘begin to go back to normal.’ I don’t want it to go back to ‘normal’ because the world’s normal is full of evil, and the arrogance of man. The laws, moral madness and anger at His Word from the world - before these waves of His pressure - was awful. During this lockdown the LORD God gave us all an invitation to spend more time in relationship with Him in His Word; one on one, intimate, discursive, humbling ourselves to let Him sort out our inner and outer lives.  But the majority did not accept this gentle invite. That is why the wave upon wave that is coming is now coming. Because humans tend to only cry out to Him when they are increasingly and totally desperate. Yet He is desperate to hear from you. He is desperate to see you put your trust in Him, before it is too late for your soul.

“But My Bride! You listen when I smile. You notice when I whisper. You come looking for Me in the garden of our love! How this moves Me. How my heart melts when you come to find Me! When you just come to sit with Me, I melt, My heart burns within Me and I know it was not a mistake to make you. I am not alone. I do not repent of making you, it was worth it. I want you all. I want you all safe with Me from the coming storms.”

But as I drove home from the supermarket the grief welled up inside my belly and chest. I started crying. I could barely walk in the house. I collapsed to the floor and wept. “They don’t know what’s coming. They didn't listen. They didn't let this change them. Why wouldn’t they honour You? Why didn’t they learn in the quiet? Thank You LORD for saving me, for loving me, for waking me up. Purify me, cleanse me, heal me. Thank You!!!” And the grief continued. I carried on crying for some time. A very intense cry. I can’t imagine how He weeps.

And yet to His own Bride:

In the boat in the storm He slept. He knew His Power. He rested even in the midst of it. Do you know when I hear that account where I want to be? I expect you want to be in the same place fellow Brides. I want to have the love and faith in Him to lay down next to Him, look at His beautiful face and fall asleep next to Him. Even when my physical body can feel the stress of the tossing of the waves crushing the fake fortresses of the world. My human ears will hear the howl of the storm. I will sense the darkness of the storm ‘out there’. Every movement of the waters beneath the boat might be trying to tell me it’s a case of mortal danger to life. AND YET....

And yet, we can rest and sleep in perfect, perfect peace, because He gives us His Total Peace. Peace in Hebrew (shalom) means: well-being, peace, healing, completeness. It is the same root in the word Jerusalem (Foundation of Peace) and in modern Hebrew it is the same root as the word to “settle or pay a bill.” This peace, this shalom, this settling of the ransom of our soul from death, is His Priceless gift to His Bride. The closer we lay down next to Him, and the more we gaze at His face and resting Being, the less we can see the outside storm.

If we are very, very close, tucked up in His arms, we are encased in His Shalom, He imbues it to us through the relaxation of His muscles, the steadiness of His breathing, the calm protective strong grip around us, as we let Him be our Rear-Guard behind us and our Guiding Heartbeat in front of us. When I had my first child, my son Benjamin, I was worried about cot death. Both my son and my daughter were premature. I’d read somewhere that sometimes a baby just forgets to breath, particularly if they are premature. So I used to lay down with him wrapped carefully in my arms, hold him close to me to keep him warm and turn my face to cover him with my gentle breathing, as if to say to his little born soul, “copy me.” That is a tiny human picture of what it means to sleep intimately close to our King Yeshua while the storms in the world rage around us.

This was the spiritual experience I had last night. I felt the Presence of God so closely, I slept like a baby in His Guarding Presence, and left the storms outside. I pray He helps all of us as His Bride feel safer this way, the more we learn to cling to Him through His Word, as the water rises.


Lastly, I’m a student and a teacher at the same time. In life always! But specifically in Hebrew, because I teach Biblical Hebrew but I’m a student of Modern Hebrew. I have a Modern verb app on my tablet. This app has a speech button next to every single verb. So I can click it and a Hebrew man speaks out that particular verb. Unlike in English, Hebrew inflects each verb into each different person, number, tense and form. So, instead of: “I dream, you dream, we dream, they dream" etc where the verb form "dream" is the same in each case, each word for “dream changes in Hebrew, depending on who is doing the dreaming. So, a different word for if a man or a women, a singular person, or a group was doing the dreaming. The entire app holds thousands and thousands and thousands of combinations of verbs, tenses and personal inflections. Last week, while I was on an entirely different webpage listening to my fellow Brides words and dreams of the Rapture, and watching the chaos, chaos, chaos of the world increase, out of nowhere and without me touching the app, I heard the Hebrew app speak to me!!! It has never ever done this before. It was a Hebrew verb sentence I know very, very well and I understood it instantly, because it is identical in both ancient Biblical written Hebrew and Modern spoken Hebrew.

Fellow beautiful Bride of Yeshua, guess which verb, tense and person out of thousands the app spoke out to me in Hebrew?!! 

Masculine singular. Present Tense. Verb: To Come. 

“I am coming.” 

"אני בא"

Out loud. In Hebrew!!!

I laughed out loud with joy!

Although I was raised in England, and English is my mother tongue, Hebrew is the love-language of my soul from my God. So, it was pure beauty that He wanted to tell me that He is coming back in Hebrew! 

Fellow Bride, you are right, this unrepentant world is wretched. And it is going to get much, much, much worse. But to His Bride He is declaring out loud “I am coming!”  Take heart! Take His heart! And say with me the very last few written words of His Bible from Revelation 22 which He left for us, while we wait for our Bridegroom to come get us. The storms will get worse. Keep saying His Words every moment and until the end. And I’ll see you at the Wedding Feast fellow Bride!!! “The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come!”... “Yes indeed! I am coming soon! So be it. Come, LORD Yeshua!” 



At the end of this word He gave me Isaiah 41. Isaiah in Hebrew means "YHVH is Salvation!"