Mortal man, do you see

"Mortal man, do you see?"

13 Sivan 5780 (05/06/2020)

COVID-19 is not the only modern pandemic.  A modern pandemic – of which we see so very much now – is “selective morality.”  I was watching a news piece on a demonstration about the death of George Floyd. Non violent. Hence why I am able in that instance to call it a demonstration, not a riot.  And clear as anything the LORD’s voice was angry and sad as He said to me: “Many people in that crowd have murdered a baby inside themselves within the last year.”  He also drew my attention to the spirit of rebellion in the majority of that young crowd, specifically re: sexual immorality against His love of marriage and creation.

Racism is real. Just like the virus. Evil cannot be comprehended. I understand the rage, the frustration, the seemingly endless cry for the LORD's justice to come down. And, just like the virus, this situtation in the States has more going on below the surface. So I asked the LORD, what is going on spiritually?

I had been asking Him what to write on social media for several days. After Him showing me several stronger Bible passages from which I backed away, He told me to write:  “Just because they don’t see anything wrong with it, doesn’t mean you should. If it’s against the Word of God, remain outraged and saddened.”

He was using multiple meanings at once. He meant sin, ungodliness, yes, racism obviously, hatred of His life giving laws etc. But it was subtly worded enough to be taken as each found it. A cursory glance would think it was only about racism. But He wanted me to gently, subtly, almost hiddenly, call out the hypocrisy of sin, especially in the young adult generation, which the Holy Spirit-filled believer would see straight away.

We are witnessing so much evil, rage and the spirit of rebellion, mixed in with goodness and a call for justice – in every crowd during these riots and demonstrations.  So mixed. So lost. Each person is judged by the LORD on their own heart. Are they overcompensating for their own racism? Are they just stealing and looting? Are they grieving Godly injustice? Are they trying to prove all authority is bad because they live an ungodly lifestyle? Are they racist against white people? Are they racist against black people? Or are they lovers of God and family in the LORD?

I also heard Him say quite firmly over this current time in America:  “If you don’t want God to rule over you, you will get something else.”

There are no neutral cells in the universe. That is the lie of the enemy; that a human can chase God out of their conscience, life, laws and society and then expect a neutral vacuum. No; chase God out and evil will rush in to fill that vacuum – evil, disorder, chaos, hatred, psychopathology, immorality, carnage, disease, famine, war, the collapse of a nation – EVERYTHING that is the opposite to what Jesus as a gentle, loving, kind, Holy King provides His people in His ordered calm loving Kingdom.

Why do so many people dishonour Him, then blame each other for the godless fruit they’ve grown?

"People are going to try to fix this with themselves. Instead of with Me. And it’s not going to work."


So, this morning, while continuing to pray about what is happening in America, I asked the LORD for something to share with His fellow Bride to help keep us safe, strong in Him and in shalom as we watch such confusing, chaotic and often hateful times.

The LORD gave me Ezekiel 8.  Please read the chapter now if you can:

I believe the LORD is getting to the core issues behind the times in which we live. And giving the remedy hidden in the Hebrew.

In this passage the LORD gives the prophet Ezekiel the spiritual ability to see through walls at what the wicked leaders are doing in secret.  I don’t need to tell any true believer that BOTH Obama and Trump are men who both practice wickedness behind closed doors; just different kinds of wickedness. America is reaping the spiritual waterfalls that have been cascading off of the spirits of their leaders. And I don’t just mean two presidents, I mean off of business leaders, political leaders across all states, celebrities, music, film and sports. Anyone a human lifts up to ‘save’ them from themselves. America exports celebrity culture acround the world.

In Ezekiel chapter 8 the LORD asks Ezekiel four times: “Mortal man, do you see" what wicked things the leaders are doing in secret (verse 6, 12, 15, 17).  The LORD God of Israel also tells Ezekiel twice that he will see them do “even more disgusting things.” (verse 13 and 15).

If we had talked ten years ago, before Obama’s presidency reached its zenith, we as believers in Yeshua probably couldn’t have imagined how fast Biblical family and reproductive values would have fallen across America under his figurehead-ship.

And now we are seeing the spirit of chaos and stoked hatred spread under the figurehead-ship of Trump. Human beings without God’s spirit living in them become like the idols from which they drink. This is nothing new. We become like the company we keep, whether that company is digital or face to face. Both presidencies were touted as messiah-like, to ‘save’ America, one way or another. 

By contrast, the LORD gives us the exact opposite redemption image: the lifting up of Himself to save us (Numbers 21:9, John 3:14-15). Human beings create their own downfall by replacing Him as their Messiah with human leaders, especially when those leaders are doing evil things in secret.

In Ezekiel 8 the LORD asks the prophet Ezekiel a re-occurring question that I believe He is asking His Bride: “Mortal man, do you see?” The LORD means: ‘Do you see in the Spirit?’ because these visions of Ezekiel are entirely in the Spirit. He is asking His people in this time, ‘Are you looking with My eyes or your own?’ The answer will show up in the level of our anxiety or peace. To be gentle on us, He also understands and knows we are all - believers and non-believers – being bombarded with misinformation, lies, half truths and a pantomime of smoke and mirrors mixed in with the real since February or March. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

Several times during both the initial stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, and now while watching the unfolding situation in America, the LORD has reminded me in His Holy Voice to remember how full the world was with its own arrogance and mockery of His holiness; before these first two waves of pressure begun to bring more humility of our own finiteness and inability to save ourselves.

Because this is only just the beginning of sorrows. The LORD told me a time is coming when COVID-19 will be the least of America’s worries, out of three fallings; disease, famine and war. I asked ‘Why does this have to happen LORD?’

“Because I gave them my blessings to win their love, I showered them with blessings, love, goodness, care, relationship, My Presence, My Protection. But they played with and rejected My love. They choose not to come into relationship with Me as I AM. So I have to give them pressure to hopefully show them they are only human and cannot save themselves, out of deep love, so they choose to save their own souls in time." 

If they did enter a relationship, they created their own version of God, a fake illusion to try to have a relationship with the LORD AND their sin AT THE SAME TIME!! That’s called adultery. It is offensive and disgusting enough on a human level. But to try to do that against our God is something that the human heart must grieve deeply over to be free from. It is the call of the Spirit to make us Whole Hearted for His Love. We've all done strayed because we are all sinners and all human. But we must stop if we are to be spiritually safe in Him.

But I end with a hidden gem in Ezekiel in the Hebrew that the LORD showed me, which I would like to share with my fellow brothers and sisters in the LORD – especially during these INCREASING traumatic, difficult and volatile times we have now entered.

The gem is really very simple but deeply hidden in the Hebrew. In Ezekiel 8, before God asks him ‘do you see?’ God tells Ezekiel to do something very specific:

“Mortal man, look towards the north.” (verse 5).

So, before the man of God is going to spiritually see the wickedness of the leaders of the people unfold, and the judgement come on the people for their idolatries against their Creator, the LORD tells His prophet to look towards the north. Why? The answer is lost in English and only found in the Hebrew:

Northwards in Hebrew is "Tzafon-ah": צָפ֔וֹנָה

But it comes from the verb root: צפן

This root means: "the secret place, stealthily watch, authority, concealed, hidden, ambush, store away, be kept, hide, stored treasures.

To understand what is going on behind the scenes, and in the heavenly battles during these times, we have to spend time in the Secret Place in His Word with our LORD.

And to make it even more of a Messianic hidden gem this verse actually says in Hebrew:

“Lift up your eyes to the Way of the North.” 

שָׂא-נָא עֵינֶיךָ דֶּרֶךְ צָפוֹנָה

And Who is the Way?

That is the Way of the King Yeshua and all the secret place storehouses of trust, care, peace, protection and provision He deeply wants to provide and give His Bride - of all colours - to help her through these very, very difficult coming times. It is going to be very, very hard on our human souls to watch the suffering of other humans, even the society that has tried to humiliate and mock God’s Loving Word and harass His Bride. We carry His Compassion after all.  But this generation have mocked our God for a very, very long time, so our response is a test of our loyalty to our Bridegroom. 


And by the way, the Hebrew for "visions" (מַרְאוֹת) in Ezekiel 8:3 is exactly the same as the Hebrew word for a mirror. These storms coming are just mirrors, to show us what’s inside ourselves. Are we as full as we can be of His Word and Trust? Are we loyal to Him or to fallen humanity? Are we clear of racism within our Kingdom families? Do we need to come up even higher and deeper into the Hidden Place with Him every day to get through what’s coming?

The death of George Floyd was timed after three months of fear, frustration, lockdown and mass unemployment in America. It pulled away the human veneer of inner chaos, anger, hatred between races, destructive forces and continued fear. The LORD always has an alternate plan to turn the tables on evil plans; to redeem that overwhelming pressure, when people feel overcome and at the end of themselves, to call to God and turn back to Him. The enemy of our souls comes to steal, kill and destroy. As he gloated over Yeshua’s death he didn’t realise He was witnessing the birth of global salvation. Let us pray for souls to be saved in the carnage and grief of these coming times, when evil thinks it has its way. Remember that the LORD's Word has told us in advance so much of what we endure as believers in Him and see in the world.  As an upcoming note for a future study to be released, pray, pray, pray, for Israel and Jerusalem. The enemy is not only after destroying souls in America, and causing much fear in the world, but he has his eye on coming against Jerusalem, because he knows that is where Messiah will reign. The weaker American becomes, the more vulnerable - in human terms - Israel looks to her enemies. Pray for her supernatural protection in the LORD God of Israel. And pray for her own repentance from her many sins too.

And to my precious, beautiful, tired, warrior-ing, sometimes wisely hiding, declaring, trusting and sometimes anxious fellow Bride, LOOK TO THE WAY OF THE KING AND HIS SECRET PLACE AND STOREHOUSES OF THE LORD KING YESHUA. Let Him hold you, tell you exactly what you need to do and when. Let Him soften the pain of what is about to happen by hiding you in His Arms. Fill your mind and heart with the Solidness of the Truth of His Word.  He is the Way, the Truth and the Life, while around us are the ways of lies and death.

And pray for our brothers and sisters in America to be shining lights in an increasingly dark time around them.  LORD protect them, guide them, lift their spirits in their fear, grief and confusion, steady their hearts and minds through Your Word, strengthen them, heal them, give them heavenly inspiration and clear minds to stand on Your Truth against the demonic insanity rising and raging around them. Give them Your strategies and answers, and keep them safe in Your Heavenly Kingdom on earth.

Thank You LORD for your kindness and for choosing us, in Yeshua’s Name. Amen.

And if you’re reading this and you’re not a believer in Yeshua yet, but you know something doesn’t feel right, that something is very wrong and you also know your wishful thinking that it’s all going to get better by itself is causing you anxiety, open a Bible and start reading. The King of the Universe wants to take care of you too, if you let Him. Do faith His way, not your own. Ask Him for His Holy Spirit to help you understand His Word rightly and you WILL begin to feel safer, calmer and more protected as you see Him work in your life. Repent of your sins, give your soul to Him and be safe.