Peace Deal? Israel's Unfaithfulness

Peace Deal? Israel's Unfaithfulness

09/10/2020 - 21 Tishrei 5781. You can listen along to this Word on our YouTube Channel here:

"Peace deal? What peace-deal?

Shalom means “wholeness” – is My land whole, full of My Glory?

She has prostituted herself.

Her lovers will try to degrade her, sell her for the highest offer among themselves.

Oh why My Love? When I love you so faithfully.

She is frightened of them so she tries to appease them, lull them asleep with her fornication, and listen to the secrets they mutter over their phones. Why did she enter that house of degradation and treachery? Has she forgotten who she is? I always knew she would. I told you she would.

I will comfort Myself with a cascade of faithful Bridal hearts, until she joins in out of necessity. Happy are those who see the Beauty of our Love freely, without punishment or survival-need.

The joy of voluntary loyal love is inexplicable to harlots.

Come, let us dance upon the wedding canopy. You give Me comfort from the horrors of sin below. Wait. Watch, in the quiet nights, feel the spiced warm breeze on your face – Your King is coming! Oh what joy! Impossible to describe My Bride."

A short word about the so-called Middle East Peace Deal. When the LORD God of Israel, the LORD Yeshua gave me this word through His Holy Spirit, I was given the comparison to the Biblical accounts of Israel depending solely on the LORD to defeat much larger enemies. I had the very sad realisation in my spirit that Israel has fallen so, so far from where she was in those days past. Now she has made a pact with her spiritual enemies. By comparison, He is gaining and receiving loving comfort by the faithfulness of His Bride. Please pray for Israelis to find their Salvation (the meaning of Yeshua's Name in Hebrew).


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