Prophetic Word to Mine - May 2020

Prophetic Word for Mine - May 2020

(This word was immediately preceded by a Prophetic Word to this Land.)

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To Mine:

Everything you need is in Me. Be specific, because I know and have seen your faithfulness.  So if you need a new shelf, a new car, a hoover, not just food, if you need a plane ticket, baskets of food, medical bills, I mean EVERYTHING is in Me.

I didn’t just mean Heavenly things.

Because “Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake?”  Matthew 7:9-10. And because you love Me I understand you ask for what you need, not to glorify yourself in front of others but to live a peaceful, clean, generous, sharing, community life in your homes with Me.

You are smaller than you think - My remnant in the UK. I mean house-churches. The church model I set up. Up to 12, intimate, familiar, in a home, under My authority not a building under the government’s laws. (He wanted to highlight the family in familiar).

Be free. Free to dream of heavenly things, pray, listen, talk of Me, My Word, sing, read, paint, walk, rejoice, eat, rest, sleep, clean, love, laugh, cry at evil - not at the suffering of the wicked for that is indeed to question My justice - be joyful in Me, this simple time will feel VERY familiar to My chosen ones.

Listen to My music of the bird-songs, the breeze in the leaves, the infinity of rhythms in the raindrops, the sea-waves of the riverlets, and the laughter of the pure in heart. Listen to the soft drum of your heartbeat – all the music I give you freely every day.  Your breathing. Never has breathing – the sound of breathe – been so precious.

And when you meditate on My WORD hear the choirs – obedient, submitted to One Authority and therefore the MOST peaceful and beautiful sound with no disharmony – of HEAVEN."

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