Prophetic Word to this Land - May 2020

Prophetic Word to this Land - May 2020

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To This Land: 

This is not about what is, but about what is coming next.

Awake, awake.

The LION KING is here.

I am not ‘coming’, I was ALWAYS here. 

It is only My final, total, revealing to ALL of My Kingdom that is coming.

Why did you all close your arrogant eyes to Me?

I loved you.  I bled and died for you.

But you as a nation said:

Thank you very much, we’ll build from here.”

Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labour in vain; unless the LORD protects the city, its watchman stand guard in vain.” Psalm 127:1

Don’t you see?

My law was not to harm you, restrict you, gather persecution against you.

It is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, always, (this last 'always' is in lower case because He became gentler) to PROTECT you.

But it was that, the persecution of fake gods, that you fell for and the money - you lusted after money.

From the 80’s on, it became your American-English identity.

Yet it (prosperity) is the fruit of the tree I planted, centuries, decades before.

I planted you in My Word – America, Canada, Great Britain - Africa, India, those Common-wealth little lions.

But you took the fruit as a god.

And consumed it as an elixir.

So now I will SIMPLIFY you.

“Back to happy basics.”

(He told me to remember that phrase. I think it may come up as a slogan of some kind in the future said through the TV. Someone will say it in sarcasm).

I am telling all My sheep.

They are following perfectly to really well. (a sliding scale of listening)

My ones already led a simple life.

Clean of the love of money, and self-idolisation.


You made the poor of the world

aspire to your wealth,

not THE Source of your wealth

An age-old trusting in My WORD.


My ones will become wealthier – in mind, body, soul and spirit and if they are holy, humble and called, in purse too.

It’s like they are going home, further into Me.

Because they can see this is My justice.

My “setting things right.”


No harm will befall you My sheep.

My treasured little brood.

You delight Me as you follow Me

Staying close, under My Wings and Shadow.


Fear not, I must do this strange work.

I will tear down “the money tree”

So that all that is left is The Tree of Righteousness.

Still, it will puzzle you, My little precious flock, that some will dementedly try to put the money-tree back together – broken dead twigs.”


This word then went straight into the second section: Prophetic Word to Mine – May 2020.

(6th May 2020 / 12 Iyar 5780)



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