Returning into the Same Dream! California Shaking

God Repeating and Developing a Dream of California Shaking

Given 02/08/21. Published 07/08/2021.  You can listen along to this Prophetic Word on our YouTube channel here.

Revisiting Scene of Earthquake / Escape Dream from California.

I can’t think of another time I’ve revisited a dream. I’ve had two revisits this week! 

This is the first one. I go back to the scene of a previous dream I had in 2009 - which I describe on this channel - about a massive earthquake in California. This revisiting dream now wasn’t as vivid or frightening for me. I was observing from a calm distance in the dream. It develops on from the first dream 12 years ago, as I see some more details of supernatural escape.

I sat down to write this up, record and get this out yesterday but the second I sat down the opposition was intense all day with continued attempts at attacking my children. The LORD is answering prayers in making my children stronger. I was tired from the battle.  

I would like to start by saying THANK YOU to those of you who are interceding for me and my children. Thank you. There are a few of you I’m in contact with and I want you to know I intercede for you too and ask the LORD to give you all you need to be glorious in Him. And I pray for everyone who comes across this small website and channel in the service of the LORD. I pray it strengthens, alerts and helps all the ones He wants to reach, in Yeshua’s Name.



On 02/08/21 the LORD gave me the following dream with four short sections, all related:

1) I am observing from a distance a beach in Los Angeles. I know this beach from many years ago. Santa Monica pier is at a slight distance behind me. I am looking north to the first main beach that edges the Pacific Coast Highway. [This highway travels the coast from L.A. to San Francisco and possibly beyond?] I am waiting to see an old acquaintance of mine go onto the beach, not necessarily to meet with her.

[She was a church lady who hosted me while I worked for a Californian church many years ago when I was a student. Her church had all the early signs of the shallow American church of today in real life even back then. This last week, since the dream, I realised the City of the Angels refers to fallen angels, not holy angels. Because the name doesn’t define which angels. I had assumed, because I was already a believer when I worked there, that it meant holy angels, which is also what a lot of people assume. I feel now it was an intentional naming as a signal to demons that this is a place marked out for massive demonic activity and influence across the globe - ‘show business’. Yuk.]

The church lady I am waiting to see arrive on the beach is called Sandy. I am watching for her from a distance. She never arrives. The beach is sandy. The Bible says do not build your house of the sand, for when storms come your house will fall. ("But everyone who hears these words of Mine and does not act on them is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. The rain fell, the torrents raged, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell—and great was its collapse!” Matthew 7:26-27)

The beach had a sign in a foreign language, which looked a bit like ancient Hebrew to me. I understood the sign to mean: “many beaches.” Meaning much damage to many beaches I think.

But this beach was empty. Except for some large inflatables some distance off. Inflatables are very, very fragile structures full of hot air!

Then there was a shaking. I didn’t feel it. I only knew it had happened. There was a split in the earth and I saw water rushing from between two cracks from the land into the sea! Then I saw a man in a hut near the sea. He said “Oh my G-d” as he saw the water rushing towards him and he had nowhere to go, because he was standing with his hut and the sea behind him but the water was rushing up out of the cracks in the ground towards the sea! [I would never say the exclamation he said. I knew this to mean he was not a believer but he is now in terror and is realising God’s judgement is real.] I felt no fear watching him, only a sense of ‘it is good that humans see that God is real at last.’ In the dream I felt loyal to God, not to man. He looked about 55, but could have been older as he was healthy, fit, suave, upper middle class, with short facial hair, very well groomed, in chino shorts and a blue, light sweater.  

I then describe as if I am recalling in the dream something that happened. What I am recalling is a really kind man, younger, good looking, so, so kind. And in the dream I say: “He just lifted me up above it all!!” in a helicopter sort of plane, like I was describing how I survived. I know I am clearly talking about Jesus / Yeshua. I am proclaming Him after the event in the dream, from within the dream!

It was a sunny clear-sky day. There was NO WARNING.

Re: the beach in the dream, I did wonder why I was meeting at the tacky beach. Los Angeles is tacky to me. When I’d seen it in real life many years ago it was always very popular and much busier. Now it was very very empty; was it early morning? Or in another lockdown? Why was the man in a hut? Was it a wooden hut café, his home, business, a boathouse or something?


2) The next scene I am with a young man and woman, they are helping me. [again I was being supernaturally helped by the LORD]

Now I was in snow with rocks around us, almost like a passage through semi caves, like a mountain pass of some kind. I had on a snowsuit and skis. I knew they had provided me with everything. We were walking on skis over the snow. It was not sunny or bright but clear air, almost a dusky feel. Literally, it felt beautiful, more like a pastime with very protective caring trustworthy people, than escape. I loved it. I’ve never skied before. The rocky landscape felt as if it was keeping us hidden and safe. Next the man then cleared up every bit of our equipment / clothing into his jeep. He even just shook off snow / sand [hard to tell which – so there’s some connection between this scene and the previous sandy beach scene] and quickly moved my suit skis into the boot (trunk?) of his vehicle.

A small nasty controlling man came from somewhere, I didn’t see, and staring saying: “you can’t put your stuff in your car.” The young good man knew he was coming, that was why he was working fast to clear our equipment and clothing up. Before the nasty small man had appeared I watched the young good man carefully go back three times to get every single piece of our skis and snow clothing, which we’d put in a pile near the jeep, as he knew it would be needed again, in the near future? I was watching this safely from inside the back seat of the jeep.

The nasty man (he was thin and weasel-y) started screeching, “you can’t do that, you just can’t do that!”. The young man had finished; he had just carried on calmly. The other guy was manifesting his control spirit.

I said through the slightly opened window: “But it’s his car!!!”

The man was just all impotent rage and skinny and anger and obnoxious control.  

He didn’t frighten or achieve anything, just exposed his controlling spirit more.

The good man had made us be ready to leave and then packed up and just at the last moment he knew nasty was coming and so nasty didn’t stop anything. The woman was in the front right seat, which I’ve just realised is the passenger seat in the dream. [In the UK the front right seat is the driver’s seat. So this was showing America, because you guys drive on the side I saw in the dream? Which would link in with the first California coast scene? Where are mountains for skiing in America, near or related to the West Coast, I’m wondering? Where does sand and snow both happen in one’s pass-times? Is there a state that has both? but that’s just my thoughts]

3) Next the scene changed and I’m in the young couple’s house. They have two dogs. Their two dogs were incredible. Normally dogs in my dreams always represent demons, as black pitballs, smallish, ghastly. They have always represented jezebel spirits in my dreams, as the LORD shows me the spiritual dynamics that He is destroying. 

These two dogs were big soft Alsatians. The two dogs and me were in a small welcoming room inside their house. It was funny how much they nuzzled me, stayed so close to me. [Note: I've just searched to make sure I was spelling Alsatian correctly and the result came up saying: The American Alsatian was bred in California in the 1980's. California again!! Apparently us Brits call them German Shepherds but all I heard and knew in my dream was that they were Alsatians.]

[Quick context: I’ve never owned a dog. A few years ago I thought and prayed seriously about getting a puppy, researching all kinds of breeds. I really wanted an Alsatian puppy/dog, as an extra layer of protection, but didn’t feel it was practical. I left it to the LORD, especially in the times we’re in with the practicality and expense of a pet. So the LORD was so lovingly using this heart desire and picture of protection, which I’d semi-forgotten until writing this up for you. The LORD uses images in our dreams so loving, clearly and personal to us.]

In the dream they were nudging me in tenderness all the time. I woke still being able to feel them! They would surround me, their noses right up in my face and torso. Very warm, affectionate. One was younger, more closer to me all the time, the other older, wiser, beautiful darker coat. I could hear them ‘talking’ to each other in the dream and thought ‘that almost sounds human’. Deep powerful communication noises, guarding me, even though they belonged to the couple. I’ve never felt like that around dogs. Like the couple had told them to protect, love me, and they did. There was no awkward meeting, literally, they were around me, not the couple, the whole time.


4) Last scene: I was then in the kitchen of their house. Only saw a few details. I was sitting at their table waiting for a meal. She was preparing food. But I’ve never seen this before in a house. The whole cooking, prepping area was behind a thin wooden screen that came up to her torso and stretched along the whole length of the room. She was chatting and talking with me, waking up and down this thin strip of “kitchen” but I only saw her face and upper body, I couldn’t see the food or her utensils. So, although she was preparing the meal, I just saw her good face. "And He said to them, "It is not yours to know times or seasons that the Father put in place by His own authority" Acts 1:7, and Matthew 24:36-42/Mark 13:32-33: "And concerning that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. Be on your guard and stay alert! For you do not know when the appointed time will come." Ie: If I’d been able to see the food I would have been able to see exactly how near the meal was to being ready! 


She was talking about the times to me, the bad issues in people. How bad it’s getting ‘out there’. I was hungry and hoping dinner was soon. (Much like Jesus does in Matthew 24:36-42 above.)


The table and chair I was at had a lovely solid wooden bench and seat table, with a high back like as the other side had too, like a compartment. There was nothing on the table. There was nothing else in the room. The door to ‘out there’ was out of my sight behind the table to the left but she could see it, as she was up to my right against the right wall of the room and she would move her eyes in that direction to show “out there”. The door I knew was currently still open!!!


When I woke I heard and was praying about the dream the LORD said “Gleanings.” I asked for a bible passage and He said “Isaiah 17.” It’s all about Gleanings and the LORD’s judgement.

This is a revisitation of a previous dream of a massive earthquake in California. But it continues now with more details and more proximity to end times conversations within the dream from the LORD's messegers and protectors - angels - true Holy angels, which in Hebrew is the same word as "messenger, envoy, ambassador" from God" (מַלְאָ֥ךְ).

The dream also contains more comforting information towards the protection of God’s angels around His children and the preparations for the Wedding Feast in His House.

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