Biblical Hebrew Lessons

Biblical Hebrew Lessons:


We offer Biblical Hebrew lessons, via Skype or Zoom, from the comfort of your own home. From absolute beginners, Bible students of all ages, home-schoolers, and those working towards a Biblical Hebrew GCSE and beyond. Our clients range from age 12 to 82!

Offering a range of very reasonable rates for individuals or pairs via Skype or Facetime. Lessons can be taken weekly, fortnightly and are usually booked on a termly basis. If you are not sure of your level, we can first help you to determine this through a simple email or call. If you fall between two of the levels listed below, we can offer bespoke lessons to suit the gaps you would like to fill in your knowledge of Biblical Hebrew. The main goal is to deepen your confidence in reading and speaking Biblical Hebrew and inspire your love for God's Language, Land and People.


Absolute Beginner: Would you love to learn the Hebrew letters and their meanings but don't have the courage to do so on your own? Whether you are eight or eighty, our teacher will bring out the best in individual learners and small groups, instilling a hunger for more of this beautiful language.

Beginner Plus: Do you know your Hebrew letters but get stuck taking it to the next level? Learn basic vocabulary and the meaning of names in the Bible. This level will draw directly from verses in the Old Testament as we deepen your knowledge and enjoyment of Biblical Hebrew.

Introductory Hebrew Grammar: Are you great at basic vocabulary but find the verb and grammatical structure of Biblical Hebrew challenging? In this level we follow "A Grammar Handbook for Biblical Hebrew" and can take the lessons at a pace that completely suits you.

Intermediate Hebrew Grammar: This advanced level prepares individuals with the grammar and vocabulary needed to consider starting a GCSE in Biblical Hebrew. We follow a textbook recommended by the OCR Exam Board (Oxford Cambridge and RSA).

Group Hebrew Talks: Would you enjoy one teaching session as a group on Biblical Hebrew, around a set subject? This is a very enjoyable way to spend a few hours or day and can enrich our understanding and give previously unseen depths to a Biblical Hebrew passage.

General Jewish Studies:  As an avid reader and life-long studier herself, our Biblical Hebrew teacher is widely versed around the subject and can inspire discussion and teaching on historical, spiritual and contemporary Jewish and Messianic topics. 

To book Hebrew lessons or to discuss a Group Hebrew Zoom Talk contact:

ABOUT US:  Our Biblical Hebrew teacher gained a B.A. Honours Degree in Education, before completing her Post Graduate C.P.E. in Law and Legal Practice Course from The College of Law; the largest law school and specialist provider of legal training in Europe. After four years working within international children's charities, she returned to The College of Law, this time as a staff member for the Professional Skills Department, training both lawyers in Legal Education Best Practice and as a Training and Development Consultant for Post Graduate Schools at several major universities across the South West. Through this, she has gained over fourteen years experience teaching mature students from a variety of educational and cultural backgrounds. In addition, she has taught Biblical Hebrew for over six years to both individuals and small and large groups across the South West of England, from teens to retirees and many in between.

With a passion for Biblical Hebrew, she inspires others with her love of this beautiful, ancient, yet living, language. Her insights bring the text alive in ways that leave a lasting blessing, as she is gifted at communicating in a way that opens up this language, regardless of your age or level of Hebrew knowledge. 

In addition, she holds an Open College Network South West accreditation in Training the Trainer with an emphasis on training those in the Voluntary Sector. So, if you desire to learn Biblical Hebrew in order to then teach others yourself, particularly within the charity sector, our teacher can help you develop the skills needed.

Many groups and individuals re-book our teacher which is a sign of her professionalism, personality and the depth of insight she brings, together with her love for  God's language, land and people.

Continued Feedback:

Miss Merida-Lierck, Germany and Philippines: "Thank you so very much for sharing your teaching. I cried and cried upon reading it. I appreciate your work and am so thankful to Abba in your life. May He continue to give your more insights to share so that I for one will know, how precise should I intercede in prayer. May God continue to shower you with His love and protection. Shalom."

Julia West, Area Representative with her husband Martin, Christian Friends of Israel: "Jennie has a wonderful gift to be able to encourage the Messianic community to connect with their ancient heritage. She leads people to connect with the Messiah in a deeper way and carries a passion in her heart for Yeshua.  I commend her teaching to you."

Jane, Cotswolds, N.H.S. worker, England: "I loved all the Hebrew teaching sessions you led in Devon and others I've been privileged to come to in the South West of England. They were like witnessing special, hidden treasure being uncovered. The insights and revelations you brought out from the Hebrew were truly spirit-led and touched my heart, especially the many gems you shared that pointed to the beauty of Yeshua.  They have made me marvel in wonder and increased my hunger to dig deeper into the Word. Thank you Jennie for also continuing to bless my spirit with such nourishment through the website teaching."

Chris, homegroup leader, England: "Thank you so much for the teaching received today. I have been moved to tears and feeling the Holy Spirit teaching me more. I feel very slow in learning, but things are becoming clearer all the time as I read, listen and talk to others who have the same heart. It is so wonderful to know that we, as the Bride of Christ, are longing for His return, and as we wait, that we can fully trust Him to fulfill all His purposes in our lives and the lives of our families and country. Thank you Yeshua for giving us peace in troubled times.

Elizabeth, Retiree, England: "I have really appreciated the Biblical Hebrew teaching that I have received from Jennie which she gave with  great clarity, enabling me to see the importance of being able to understand, even at a very basic level, some Hebrew as there is such depth and beauty to the Hebrew words which can make our English translations so much more meaningful and take the interpretation of scripture to a completely different level.  Highly recommended.” 

Mrs Williams, Lydia International Director: "I have had the privilege of knowing Jennie for a few years now and have benefitted hugely from her knowledge in all things Hebrew. Her teaching is not just an academic exercise but also a Spirit to spirit enlightenment which reveals a wealth of hitherto hidden treasures in the Word of God. She has been gifted with clear vision, sensitivity to the needs of her students and clarity of thought and presentation. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Miss C, England: "If you would like to understand more of what the Word of God really means, Jennie is a very gentle, patient teacher of Hebrew who begins at the very beginning with one letter at a time. There is such depth, such wisdom in each letter, each word, that you will always be looking forward to the next lesson. Shalom!”


Claire, Home School Mum, England: "Having had our hearts set on learning Hebrew 'one day' ...that day has finally arrived and we are so thrilled! I was handed one of Jennie's leaflets by a relative who knew  our desire and so the journey began. I made some enquiries via email, which turned into a phone call and then, amazingly one of those 'chance' meetings the very next day! It was great to meet Jennie and talk through our situation and needs. I home educate my children and have various ages and abilities and Jennie was so patient whilst we thought through the process and prayed about what would be suitable. Anyway, it's now a realisation for my eldest daughter (12)  who is absolutely loving it. We 'facetime' our lessons which is easy and straightforward (especially as I am a technophobe!). Jennie is an excellent teacher and her vibrant personality comes through the screen making it as if she is there! Also, to begin our lessons with prayer was such a blessing as we humbly give that time to our Lord. My daughter has been inspired not just by the language but also to learn more about the culture and food! Fantastic! And as we seek more information about our own Hebraic roots we feel as if a new and equally ancient door has opened to us. We are very thankful."

Tim Doolan, Spoken Word Actor, England: When I learnt about the Hebrew word for discernment (בִּין) during my lesson with Jennie I felt the Holy Spirit warm me, as if He was teaching me Himself! Indeed He was. That’s what makes Jennie an incredibly talented and supernaturally gifted teacher - her submision to and close relationship with our Father who knows just what He wants to teach us. If you’re a treasure-seeking adventurer like me and long to dig amongst the roots of our faith in Yeshua, then I can recommend no better place to start mining than Hebrew lessons with Jerusalem of Gold.

Hazel Parker, Head of Religious Studies,  St Peter’s Church of England School: "It has been brilliant to start AS level Religious Studies. Our three foundation topics this year are New Testament, Philosophy and Ethics. Jennie visited us in September to teach on "Jesus the Jew" as part of the introduction to the New Testament. It was a brilliant time and the atmosphere was electric, students were hanging on to her every word. This was definitely unforgettable and enlightening enrichment.

Students of St Peter's School, EnglandIsobel said, "I really enjoyed having Jennie to speak to us, she spoke really clearly and made us all excited about the subject."  Ellen said, "She was very good and helped me to understand much more about the Jewish background at the time of Jesus." Charlotte said, "I loved learning from her, as there were many things I didn’t know about the Jewish faith, and how it relates to Christianity." Amy said, ‘I loved Jennie because she was really able to connect with us."

Carina, Leadership Team, YWAM Los Angeles: "Her teaching on the Oil of Miracles was phenomenal, as she unpacked the Hebrew meanings of the words and thus underlined the richness of the Word of God."

Reverend A. Crane, Trustee of Christian Friends of Israel, UK: “Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls...” (Jer 6:16) This is the scripture that sums up my experience of endeavouring to learn Biblical Hebrew with Jennie. She is a true minister of God’s Word, both scriptural and prophetic. Through both aspects of her teaching and ministry I am drawn closer to God being both strengthened spiritually and nourished emotionally. It is a remarkable and beautiful thing. While embracing the Hebraic roots of our Christian faith is so exciting and fulfilling, it can often be a difficult place to be within the established Church. Jennie has the gift of encouragement that reveals the glorious light at the end of what is sometimes a dimly lit tunnel. The facility of learning by Skype is invaluable as I live 3 hours away from Jennie. If you are standing at a crossroads in life, then look for the way no longer, take the ancient path of the Hebrew language and your soul will be enriched."

David, UK: "Thanks  for your excellent and interesting teaching of the Hebrew language and culture. I found  it very informative,    knowledgable  and gave me a window into Jewish  customs and language."

Janice, Retiree, England: "I am so grateful to Jennie for the Hebrew studies I have taken part in.  Her teaching was very clear and inspiring. These studies have enriched my relationship with the Lord and deepened my understanding of the scriptures."