Do not go into Egypt! Tribulation Warning!

Do not go into Egypt! Tribulation Warning!

(11/05/21, 29th Iyar 5781) You can listen along to this Warning on our YouTube channel here.

Sweet brothers and sisters in the LORD, Yeshua our King wants me to tell you something – did you know the words for Egypt, Tribulation and Potter are all related in the Hebrew Bible?!! And, if you are undecided about Jesus, if you are not letting the LORD Yeshua work in your life to cut off your pride - if you don't think you need a LORD and Saviour - this message is for you too. You have found it for a reason. He wants me to share this, because your time of so many choices is on the cusp of coming to an end.

As I was praying early this morning, the LORD Yeshua said “Jeremiah 42:19.” I looked it up. It is describing what Jeremiah the prophet is saying to the people: “Do not go into Egypt. Know I have surely testified against you today.”  This is a prophetic warning for people NOW! So, what does it mean: “do not go into Egypt?!”  We may understand that Egypt represents slavery, bondage to sin and a horrible place to be trapped, etc. He wants me to show you what is hidden deeper using the Hebrew. It is wonderful. Like a precise laser:

The word for Egypt in His original scriptures is:  מִצְרָ֑יִם  (mitz-r-eye-eem)

The first letter (מ) means "waters." We know from Scripture that the LORD uses waters to represent the nations, and more specifically the roaring and chaos of the ungodly nations. Just as we are beginning to see now.

The middle two letters are what is known as the Parent Root: צר They mean: "a pressing in, enemy - as in one who closes in with pressure, a narrow place or situation that presses in on you."

Does this remind you of how the spirit of evil, the enemy, is being allowed to press in on us as believers, during the last year and a half of God’s increasing judgments of the world, and purifications of His Bride? If you are not a believer in Jesus yet, does this remind you of how you feel during these times of lockdowns and increasing totalitarian control, loss of jobs, and almost constant fear mongering and trickery? You are not alone.

This Parent root creates the verb צרר meaning: "to distress, to afflict, to vex and to have pangs (birth pangs!) The Bible says this is the time we are in: "the beginning of birth pangs!" (Matthew 24:8)

But, here’s where it gets really detailed and teaches us so much. This Parent root צר makes another word. It is where we get the word “Tribulation” from! (צרה tsarah) The Tribulation is the period on earth after the Bride of Christ has been taken up to heaven (raptured). Tribulation in Hebrew means: "distress, trouble, tribulation, adversary, affliction, sorrow, anguish." Remember the parent root literally means: “to be pressed in by an enemy.” This is what the Tribulation will feel like. As we’ve seen, the same parent root is found in the meaning of being a slave again in Egypt! Of being pressed in by enemies. Of being in great distress and oppression. Of being full of sorrow. Of being in chaos in the nations, anguish, famine and slavery to the antichrist.

The letter we add to the Parent Root of צר to make the word Tribulation צרה  is  ה

Like other ancient writing systems, the Hebrew alphabet originally was written using a pictographic script. Later, the pictograms evolved into the Hebrew script we know today. What does the ancient pictograph of this added letter mean?

“The original pictograph for this letter is   , a man standing with his arms raised up. The Modern Hebrew, and original name for this letter, is hey, a Hebrew word meaning "behold," as when looking at a great sight. This word can also mean "breath" or "sigh," as one does when looking at a great sight. The meaning of the letter is behold, look, breath, sigh, reveal and revelation from the idea of revealing a great sight by pointing it out” (Benner, Ancient Hebrew of the Bible, 2005)

Can you see therefore that the Hebrew letters tell us the purpose of the Tribulation?! It is a return to slavery in Egypt, in order to SEE THE REVELATION OF GOD, that good and evil is real, that all His Words and warnings in the Bible were real, through the pressing in on you of slavery, oppression and great distress. If you are proudly ignoring God calling to you now, before the rapture of His Bride, you will be left behind to have your heart turned to look up to Him in your distress. If you are very proud, this is the only choice you have given your Creator God to get through to you.  It is your choice. Consequences come after repeated Godly warnings. Like in any sane relationship. God believes in freewill, unlike the antichrist.

By the way, the ending of the Hebrew word for Egypt is -“eye-yeem”. It’s a rare dual ending, used in Biblial words that come in pairs. This means there are Biblially two Egypts – the physical place and the spiritual Egypt of mental, emotional and psychological slavery. Just like the Tribulation.

So, just as Jeremiah warned: “Do not go into Egypt (the Tribulation, the pressing in by an enemy in the roaring of the nations). Know I have surely testified against you today.” (42:19)

So, how do you escape the Tribulation?

Remember the Parent root word of Egypt מ-צר-'ם is צר  meaning to be pressed in by an enemy?

When we add a letter to any Parent root in Hebrew, we create another related word; what is called a Child root. So, when we add a tiny letter to the front (יָצַר) we make the word “Potter”, quite literally “The One Who forms you”. The letter we added (יָצַר) means “hand”. Because when the Potter uses His hands He is pressing in on the clay. Become His Child. Let your Creator, the Holy Potter press in on the clay of your life. Better that now, than being left behind to experience even a moment of the pressing in of the enemy of your soul in the Tribulation. 

But if we add the same tiny letter to the middle of the Parent root instead (צ'ר) we get the word for “idol”. Put yourself in the middle of your life and you become your own idol. We either let God form us or we form our own idols. Being sculptured by God hurts our pride at times. Conversely, creating our own idol of self feels wonderful to the human ego, at least for a short time. But it will lead you into the tribulation, and eventually to a living death and then to eternity in hell.

Let Him work now in sculpting us as His bride and we will rest in peace and be raised up before the time of trouble - the tribulation - in the Rapture. His Love for His Bride will not let His Bride be “pressed in by her enemy” any more than is necessary to all us to keep close and purify ourselves ready for Him. It is an honest, humbling, repenting, intimate relationship every day that brings peace now and for eternity. If you feel that pressure, it is the LORD God working as your Potter, to get your attention to draw closer to Him, in love, intimacy, beauty and order - now while there is still time.

And did you notice that God as our Potter uses clay – us - to create something beautiful for eternity. But the Israelite slaves in Egypt were forced to use clay to create idols to Pharoah, a wicked ruler? Your life will either be used to glorify God or be used to create narcissistic supply for the antichrist both now and, then beyond your ability to currently imagine, in the Tribulation. There is pain to self either way; one is temporary, one is permanent, one kind of pain is redemptive and brings life and the other kind of pain is pointless and brings death. one kind of pressing in on you brings refreshment, rest, joy, life, purpose and is kind. The other kind of pressing in on you brings exhaustion, stress, despair, death or dis-ease, steals your God given purpose and is cruel. You are being deceived if you think your pride, and ignoring and mocking the God of the Bible does not lead to your own enslavement; physically and in the end spiritually for eternity. Either let God sculpt you now or become an enslaved idol-maker for the antichrist in the Tribulation. “Do not go into Egypt. Know I have surely testified against you today.” (Jeremiah 42:19)

The way out of the Tribulation is a choice you face now! We are being called; lovingly, urgently, gently, strongly, to let the LORD’s hands press in on our sins and find out our idols, so we can turn away from them (repent of them) and worship Him Alone. He re-shapes us through His Word and Holy Spirit living in us. And for that we need to humbly let Him do His Work. We need to let His Word sculpt us and pull us apart and remake us in His image, every single day and night.

In conclusion, to make the word Potter (יָצַר)  from the Parent root (צר) we added the letter ' (yod).

The ancient biblical pictograph for this letter yod is an outstretched hand        To get out of the Tribulation, humbly acknowledge you need Jesus to grab hold of you, now!! We don’t have to be perfect. We need to be humble. We need to know we have no righteousness of our own. That He is our Righteousness Alone. That we would sink without Him, even in our faith:

(Matthew 14:25-32) - italics mine: “During the fourth watch of the night [in a very dark time], Jesus went out to them, walking on the sea [the chaos and roaring of the nations]. When the disciples saw Him walking on the sea, they were terrified. “It’s a ghost!” [they didn’t think He was real] they said and cried out in fear. But Jesus spoke up at once: “Take courage! It is I. [I am real!] Do not be afraid.” “Lord, if it is You,” [if You are real] Peter replied, “command me to come to You on the water.” [command/help me to come to you out of the roaring and chaos of the nations] “Come,” said Jesus. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water, and came toward Jesus. But when he saw the strength of the wind, [the storms around him in the nations] he was afraid, and beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!” Immediately Jesus reached out His hand [the letter added to tribulation to make Potter, the One Who forms you] and took hold of Peter. “You of little faith,” He said, “why did you doubt?” And when they had climbed back into the boat, the wind died down. [The storms of this world grow quiet when we are intimately in Him] Then those who were in the boat worshiped Him, saying, “Truly You are the Son of God!” [what all His disciples through the ages will do in Heaven for ever, worship Him as He deserves!]

HalleluYah! When I asked the LORD Yeshua for confirmation that He wanted me to write out and speak out this word of teaching, exhortation and prophecy, He said “Isaiah 21:12” - “The watchman says, The morning comes, and also the night. If you would inquire, inquire. Come! Return!” How can the morning come and also the night? The Rapture and the Tribulation. Notice the order, the Rapture comes first, then the night comes. They're both coming!!! The watchmen can see it! Then the notice to inquire. Then the same word Come, just as He gave me for the scriptures above when He says to Peter “Come” in faith. And Return! Those of you who have walked away from Him! And quickly!