Waking Visions of Events Coming

Waking Visions of Events Coming

Word published: 21:00 pm, 11th Tammuz 5780 (03/07/20) 

Last week, I had a waking vision of two waves of coming huge events. I saw both these waves as if I was watching myself from a short distance. I felt no fear, only awe at the LORD’s love and protection.

The first wave came through the ground from the USA to me in South England. If you’ve ever watched a computer simulation of earthquake waves rolling through the ground, underneath the ground, this is exactly what it looked like. I could see it rolling underneath the green fields; a massive rolling seismic wave. The LORD lifted me up in His Arms as the wave passed under the ground beneath me.  I believe a very VERY “catastrophic” large seismic event is going to happen in the United States. At 18:55 on Friday 6 March 2020 I emailed myself the following words, which I believe were a warning from the LORD. “SHAKING OF THE EARTH: There’s going to be an earthquake - a shaking of the earth - Hillsborough USA.” I didn’t know where this was. I looked it up. There are several Hillsborough’s in the States: the most humanly obvious one is in the San Francisco Bay area. So I wrote: “I believe it’s the one in San Francisco Bay Area?” I then thought I heard the words “in an unusual place”. So wrote: “Or if it’s “in an unusual place” it might be the Hillsborough in Oregon, New Hampshire, North Carolina?” Back in 2009 I broke my ankle in three places, the only time I have broken a bone. The first night, while in and out of sleep in considerable pain, I had the most vivid dream of a huge wave caused by a profound earthquake just off the coast of California. In the dream I had landed for 24 hours in Los Angeles, went straight to the beach and saw the wave come in almost instanteously. I escaped inland and travelled supernaturally, to see the wave reach all the way around the Gulf of Mexico, as a one to two foot wave off the coast of Texas!! The seimic event affected the entire Western third to half of the US. The dream was so alarming, even though invited I have never been able to visit LA since. In addition, many of my family in Yeshua around the world believer waves can represent other events of devastation such as economic devastation. As this most recent waking vision of a wave reached all the way to England from the USA, that would also be an extremely realistic double interpretation.

The second wave in the waking vision then came from the other direction, from the East to the West. This wave was a massive rising very dark tsunami wave. It grew as it approached me, like a wave does. The LORD protected me from this wave by His Mighty Hand over me like a mighty wall, while I was crouching down low and small behind Him. The space behind Him in which I crouched became very, very quiet; all I could sense and see was the space in which the LORD was protecting me and the wave outside of it. As the wave rose over me I can remember saying “Whoa” and then “WHOA” again, as it grew, because I knew it was impossible to survive this wave without being completely sheltered in His Care. I do not know if the extreme quiet as the wave came from the East to the West means communications will go down for a while, or whether it was the intensity of the hiddenness and cover of the LORD, blocking out all the noise of the world. I think this wave is an incomprehensible war coming from the East to the West. I believe it is represented by a wave rising quickly from the sea because the attack will happen via submarines. I am not the first to wonder this, so this interpretation is an echo of others, because of the form of the wave: the tsunami is an Eastern image of devastation. The wave looked in shape very much like the ancient Chinese tsunami art, where it stayed in its final position arching over me. Except, unlike the ancient art, it was not blue and white but completely very dark grey/black, like the uniform dark, dark grey/black of matt smooth metal. It had no frothy edges like water, the edges were smooth, precise and curved; like the spiritual feeling of seeing a large wave of very dark grey/black submarines rise from the ocean. (Note: I believe every time I try to define the war as coming from China, I believe the LORD tells me that Russia will be the one hiding behind China, as really pulling the strings, although China's pride will dispute this. They are joined by a common enemy (the US), rather than two trusting or even ideologically aligned friends.)

As a precursor to this, on February 20, 2020 at 2:47 PM I emailed seven close friends in the LORD the following word. At the time only 8 deaths had been reported outside of China from something that wasn’t even named and no deaths had been reported in the UK:

"Dear family in the LORD, I feel I need to trust you 7 with some of what Yeshua showed me. This morning I am so deeply sad in the Holy Spirit.

About 10-7 days ago, I went up in my spirit to be with Yeshua: He showed me things. At first I thought you would think I was being ridiculous. But now this is becoming more and more evident and discussed. He said: “Are you ready to meet with Me?” This was the most important thing. Before praying for health.

“The virus IS a weapon.”

”This is a CURSE.” This is why being IN Jesus is so vital and praying in His Name is crucial. It’s not an illness as such, it’s an evil.

It will be an excuse for war.

New York.

We are entering “a time of sorrows” all around me.

He said very gently, when I felt sad not to try to be fake-happy (sometimes is the case in ‘church’ culture.)

But to allow myself to sit, cry and be sad at the state of the world. This will be more honest and will help us through.

He told me the fatality rate in China. It is not what is being reported.

He told me the fatality rate in UK, among the elderly I think. Less than China.

He told me India and Africa were going to be “wiped through”.

This morning I started crying with the words “They wouldn’t listen, they wouldn’t listen.” At lost souls and human arrogance. As individuals, societies and groups.

I feel such sadness. 

The winds the last two to three weeks, especially over each weekend, have been Him trying to protect us, where we are not.

Reduced flights. People indoors. Cancelled travel.

Only relationship with Him will work. Not information about Him. Sit and listen and seek Him and His instructions over your household.

I love and profoundly appreciate you all in Yeshua. Please do not mention my name if you share any part, or forward this email, it is only privately to you seven.

Look up to our future in Heaven. Read His Word. There is so much still to do and hope for. But a time of sorrows is with us.”

If some of this has now unimaginably happened, then I believe the LORD would like me to release this previously private word, to warn, prepare, confirm and wake up His Bride even more, to the other events in the above word that haven't yet happened. As I have mentioned before on other pages, these recent words won't be new to the Bride of Christ, but rather confirmation that what we are all hearing correlates and is part of a whole; our journey of love as a heavenly family on earth helping and sharing with each other in preparation for His Heavenly Kingdom. But, if this is all news to you, urgently spend time praying, fasting, repenting and asking the LORD what is to come through reading His Word. Listen to His convictions about why you may have fallen alseep and He will help you.

After this most recent waking vision of the two different waves last week, the LORD asked me to urgently spend my next free non-working day fasting, repenting, listening and asking Him what He wanted me to know, do, and what to share with others (yesterday 02/07/20). I wanted to sit with Him, and ask Him to help purify and prepare me. During the morning of the fast I had yet another vision. Here are the words I heard and what I saw:

  1. As we ready to meet with Him? Are we ready if this earthly body dies?
  2. Forgive all in other believers. It is impossible to judge where hurtful behaviour in other believers started. Don’t project the reasons why. Maybe they are just unkind. But just forgive it all.
  3. Now forgive yourself.
  4. LORD, make sure I get taken by You. (I prayed for my children too here.) I heard the words; “Come up!”
  5. I went up into a total white large room. I was flat on my face prostrate at His Powerful Holiness. I could only say “the blood of Jesus.” One drop was all I needed. Nothing else can keep us in His Presence. I could feel Him approach me. I could literally feel the weight of His Perfect Glory. I was overcome with Holy Fear of the One True God.
  6. I said a few words of direct repentance (personal) from the depth and core of me, it was a summation of my life’s patterns and struggles with sins of heart, mind, body, soul.
  7. I was now on my feet hugging Him. Clinging to Him. The total whiteness continued. He was Pure White, everything around me was Complete White, White Light and I was completely White.
  8. My children whom I had pleaded for previously to be safe and saved, He showed me them each in two separate rooms, their rooms with Him going through a very similar thing i.e.: He had them at this point, they were not at all my responsibility. I spoke of how I’d tried to show them Christ and also repented of how I’d got that sometimes wrong.
  9. I clung to Him. I wanted to make sure I didn’t go back down to earth! What I mean is I was praying in the present that I would endure to the end, not be deceived and not be tricked into falling, by the father of lies. I heard the words: “they cannot snatch you out of My Hand.” (John 10:28-29) And the words: “from when time began” (which I think refers to Ephesians 1:4 and 2 Timothy 1:9).
  10. I then heard the words from a song come into my head: “Come, now is the time to worship, Come, now is the time to give your heart, Come, just as you are to worship, Come, just as you are before your God, Come. One day every tongue will confess You are God, One day every knee will bow, Still the greatest treasure remains for those, Who gladly choose you now.”
  11. I then thanked Him for saving my soul, for rescuing me, delivery me, from all the traps the evil one had set to try to steal my soul throughout my life on earth. I saw my life as one whole and it was all about the soul.  Everything, large or small, had been a battle over my soul. From several core traumatic events, that were obviously dark evil, to the small bitternesses that can arise between believers. Every single day was about the destination and battle over the character of my soul. I hadn’t realised on earth that the battle had been entire and constant, and that He’d saved and protected me as I often sleep-walked through the spiritual soul dangers around me!
  12. I then saw myself throwing a burning rock down to earth, I was given this rock by the LORD God. Earth was full of wicked people. The rock was a very small part of the LORD’s judgement. My earthly mind questioned this. He said: “Read Revelation.” (I also received reminders of Elijah’s fire. And the two witnesses.) If we reign with Him, will we not be shockingly given a tiny piece of choice to send down His judgement? (This image still surprises me.)
  13. I then saw, from up where I was, the following: a black thick ooze that spread in lines over the globe, again from the geographical starting place of China. It spread in lines of air travel, as black thick ooze like the travel veins of the world carrying poison. Then into the cities of the world. I saw the UK. I saw the black thick ooze spreading out in lines following the motorways out from London.
  14. The realisation hit me it is His Wrath. Pestilence, War, Famine, are His Wrath. I had attributed too much of the ‘virus’ spread to evil as if the LORD was somehow surprised.
  15. "The air lines and motorways were to spread My gospel (Note: the soul saving hard gospel of the early years), to spread Truth. Instead, the world used it to spread love of money, their own selfish purposes, moving across the globe at a speed that made humans feel like little gods.”
  16. I saw three quick flashes of three separate people in three separate planes. I saw a very, very evil ex-president, I saw an evil money-and-image-loving performer who is highly promiscuous and manipulative across the globe. I saw an international well known preacher who preaches a lot of ‘good’ stuff but who also clearly needs human approval and had mixed many of his teachings with unbiblical philosophies on a large scale, such as the enneagram.
  17. I saw modern history as one short story. We spent our freedom on our pleasures, when we were supposed to use our freedoms to save souls. The world now doesn’t even think it is souls, only bodies.
  18. After the righteous-through-Him are taken up, the world that was left was so full of souls filled with wickedness it didn’t look like a world I know.
  19. I saw many, many flaming rocks hitting the earth below, every one starting a fire. The world was already very charred, burning and dark when this quick section of the vision started. I heard the words: “The wickedness is cleansed by fire.”  It cannot be cleansed by water.
  20. I then heard the exposition. I was being taught that water is gentle. It cleanses the righteous. Baptism.
  21. I realised how kind the LORD, the One True God, is. I may have thought during my life on earth that following Christ was sometimes difficult. But the way of water is nothing compared to the way of fire.
  22. I then heard Him say: “READ THE BOOK OF REVELATION.”