Dream - God's judgment on abortion

God's Judgment on Abortion

Dream given on 01/12/2020 published 04/12/20 10:35 am. You can listen along to this dream on our YouTube Channel here. It is recorded in two parts: Part One here and Part Two here:

This is the hardest word I have ever had to type out. I’m not sure I will explain it fully.

Four nights ago the LORD God, the Holy One of Israel, gave me a dream. His Spirit of the Fear of the LORD was so powerful in it, it took me three days to begin to feel relaxed with Him again. On waking I was physically shaken and I could not dare to ask Him anything until the evening. I am normally now in conversation with Him almost all the time.

On day two after the dream, I went to sleep in the day in holy fear. He told me this is normal and reminded me of another of His servants who went into mourning for three whole weeks, not days, after a Holy vision: "I, Daniel, was exhausted and lay ill for days. Then I got up and went about the king’s business. I was confounded by the vision; it was beyond understanding." (Daniel 8:27) I'm not likening myself to Daniel but the LORD helped me understand a deep tiredness through this verse. He also led me to this verse from Daniel at the same time, which made me think about great conflict coming: “The message was true, and it concerned a great conflict. And the understanding of the message was given to him in a vision.” (Daniel 10:1-2)

This is day four since the dream. He wants me to put this dream out, even though I would rather hide. The Dream has Five Scenes – all connected with one theme, which took me three days to interpret:

Scene One: This was a personal coding of the dream for me to understand. It involved two ungodly people I know, who are responsible for the abortion of their child. The LORD allowed me to see them with profound spiritual vision, where they unknowingly disclosed their own undeveloped, demonic selves, their incompetence as ‘parents’, the Ahab and Jezebel spirits within them and their attempted manipulation through mammon. It was an ugly insight. I understood this first scene was the LORD coding the rest of the vision to be about abortion and the abortion industry.

Scene Two: This scene was of me coming out of a restaurant with fake pillars either side of the porch. The landscape was not English. The closest it felt like was of Los Angeles and the hilled communities north of downtown L.A. when I lived and worked for a church for a summer earlier in my life. The restaurants would often have fake pillars and porches, either side of the entrances; apparently not made of solid concrete due to earthquake risk. The whole of Los Angeles often felt fake, superficial and money loving to me, like a tacky veneer over something ghastly, mixed with a spiritual adolescent narcissism, even sometimes in the church at that time when I was there. (I know we all know it's gotten far far worse since then). The car park was a light-coloured stone, again unlike England but very much like the L.A. hills during summer. The sun was shining.

But the sky was filled with a wave. Unlike anything I have seen before. It was so high and so large it filled me with a profound holy fear. I knew instantly within my spirit that this wave was The Judgment of God. I was seeing it in physical form. It was awe inspiring and also terrifying! I could slightly see one unknown man to my left, and a few figures in the car park out in front of me. The man and I were both looking up at the wave. As the wave got closer it grew higher and higher and higher. There was no building tall enough to escape to and no hill high enough. As it got so close the fear in me in the dream was so strong. I’ve seen several other waves of God’s judgment in dreams but none come even remotely close to the size and holy fear of this one. I could sense my daughter to my right and said to her, “Don’t worry, Yeshua will rapture us.” (I've just realised my daughter is also a coding about abortion, because my late husband had said "you have options", meaning abortion, when I told him I was pregnant with our second child. 

In the dream I then held my daughter's hand. The wave got closer and higher. For an instant I become extremely scared and thought, maybe He won’t rapture us in time, so I’ll close my eyes for it to hit and know I’ll be with Him instantly. As I closed my eyes, the wave stopped in front of me. It literally stopped right in front of me!! It was huge! But it just instantly stopped in mid break!!! It then receded!! But as I saw it move backwards across the hills in the far distance it caused such turmoil over the tops of the hills, there were so many white horses of the waves, that I had to look really carefully to see if it was actually receding or coming back again. The Holy Fear of the Judgment of God was almost overwhelming. Please note there is nothing you can do in the face of the Judgment of the Living God except be covered in His mercy through a living, humble Word-based Holy Spirit relationship with the LORD Yeshua.

Scene Three: I am now instantly in a concrete corridor under what looked like a stadium backstage. I look momentarily over my shoulder and notice a very well know British singer walking behind me, much loved by many, but not holy! I’m not an idol worshipper and felt no desire to talk to him. I love God and felt a very strong pure presence of the LORD on me. This man was then on his phone with his back towards me on my left as I passed. Then somehow I seemed to pass him again. But he said to the person on the other end of the call “God has told me I need to speak to the woman behind me (which was me.) He then came over to me and said “Is it all right to kill my baby?” He meant abortion. It was like a socially slightly aggressive question. At this point his appearance changed to a man I did not recognise facially, and his spirit was menacing. I knew him to represent the spirit of Babylon much "worshipped" through entertainment idols. I replied “I will tell you, if you promise not to kill me.” He then proceeded to ask me several questions, to which I replied either yes or no and quoted from the Bible. I was very careful what I said, as the spirit within him hated the spirit of the LORD Yeshua in me. But, it was like he was bound by the agreement not to kil me if I indeed answered His question, from Holy Scripture, not from myself.


Scene Four: This conversation moved instantly to a low-level hilly bare rocky landscape hidden from the horizon view of the receding wave. I become nervous, thinking I cannot see if the wave is going to come back in and if it does, we are right below the hill line, so it will be here before I can move. Still, I must have this conversation. During this conversation he misunderstood me and thought I stood unquestioningly behind the ‘government’, in his words. I remember saying something like “I stand for the Truth and the Truth and the government are not always the same.” [I am a law abiding citizen with much respect for the English Rule of Law, I trained as a Lawyer and taught within our Legal Education. But as a Bible believer it is also stating the obvious to say that some of our Laws have recently departed from Biblical Truth and sanity.]  I looked and could now see far into the distance again. The wave was returning, this time much smaller and only around a place that looked “like Stonehenge.” I heard those words in the vision. I asked the LORD “what is that?” And He said “The Spirit of Molech.” The grass was green around this monument, representing “this sceptred emerald isle” of England.

I understood it to be a place of pagan child sacrifice with a stone altar, a hideous mimicry of the altar of the LORD’s Holy Sacrifices.  This is how the spirit of Molech has made such inroads into this nation of England, through the paganization of the Bible. For example, Christmas – originally a pagan festival – only celebrates Christ’s life from birth. But Chanukah, the time of Yeshua’s conception nine months before His birth in Tabernacles, celebrates His conception. Chanukah is called The Time of Miracles (his conception) and the Festival of Lights (He is the Light of the world. Science recently caught up with God on the fact that at the moment of conception a flash of Light escapes the fertilization of the sperm breaking through into the egg.) So, paganism only recognises life from birth, but the Holy One of Israel recognises life from Conception. It is this spiritual heritage, one way or the other, that has allowed the spirit of Molech and abortion to gain ground in this land. It is this root of paganistic child sacrifice that the Judgment of God will flood soon after the initial larger wave.  

Scene Five: I was now within a group of people ‘on holiday.’ They were saying the wave had not affected the village they wanted to visit today but a neighbouring one, so they were OK. I was disgusted with their selfishness and they had no concept that what they had just avoided was the judgement of God. They took a wooden white boat with a blue strip, that went through a town square where water was still pouring through businesses. I said to myself “But that’s people’s businesses.” Instead, they saw it as a tourist attraction. The nearest thing this reminded me of was being on a ride in Universal Studios in L.A., where there is a fake flood and the people are on a tram, re-enacting a disaster scene from a movie. It was just like this; these people had lost all spiritual discernment of what they were seeing. Then this group of people took another larger boat. They were now on the sea. The whole of this boat was glass. They were now in the murky waters of the sea straight after this receded tsunami of the LORD’s judgment, looking to see if they could see anything. Like the Judgment of God was entertainment or a tourist attraction. I was disgusted and couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing. The water outside the boat was a dark muddy greeny grey. The whole of the glass boat was underwater, like a viewing area. Not only was it foolish to be out on that water but these people had absolutely no concept of the Fear of the LORD. I moved even in this short part of the dream away from the front of the boat in disgust. The visibility was zero. I did think for a second, if we hit a dead whale the glass will break. I can only think this represented Rahab or Leviathan in the bible. I woke up.


General thoughts and some interpretation:

I believe He allowed me to feel such fear of Him, to prepare me. I believe something is going to happen that will be at moments be frightening, even to the Bible believer who loves the LORD as best we can and have been shut in with Him for some months, trying to get right with Him. I think He is preparing me that to see His Wave of Judgment coming will be frightening on the emotions and I will wonder at times if I and my children are going to be safe. This certainly made me go even deeper with Him in repentance these last three days, and to bring me to a place of even greater cleansing and humility. There is absolutely no room for even a cell of self-righteousness in the face of God’s Judgment. I am concerned many in the church, which I think represented to tourist boat, because the disciples are in boats, are simply not going to see what occurs as the Judgment of God on abortion, the murder of babies and children, because they are so far away from the actual Word of God. They follow people in the church, not the LORD’s Words Himself. Like He has warned before, there is a church of celebrity, a church of self, that is in strong deception as to the quality of their relationship with the Holy One of Israel, the God of the actual Bible.  They are allowing themselves to be entertained by the Babylon spirit still. We need to let the Holy Fear of the LORD clean us up! Urgently!!!


He wants you to know something. I haven’t watched a non-Christian mode of entertainment for the last ten months. Last year He said to me: “Therefore, thus saith the LORD if you return (repent) I will bring you back and before Me you will stand, if you take out the precious (worthy, valuable) from the vile (profane, worthless), as My mouth you shall be. Let them return to you, but you must not to return to them.” (Jeremiah 15:19) Most of what is on television is worthless to His Kingdom.

There was a lot of profane in my life. And the closer I got to Him – hours in His Word comparing myself to His Holiness – the more profane I realise I am. All I can ever say is “Forgive me LORD a sinner.” That’s not fake humility friends. His righteousness is all I’ve got, for eternity. I’m clinging to Him. I lost all desire to watch television, instead wanting to spend time in His Word, time in fellowship and increased intimacy with Him. I wanted to listen to, watch and read words from other brides in Yeshua as interconnection. But most of all I want to spend time with Him.

Purify, Prepare, Repent. Repeat and repeat and repeat. He is warning us.

He wanted me to say this. Some wonder why they are not hearing from the LORD. Because you are listening to the prophets of Baal more than you are setting aside your life to listen to Him.

He will speak to you. But put Him as first as you can, then as He shows you your sin, and you repent and let Him cleanse you of that sin, put Him first again and go higher and deeper, spending hours reading His Word from a holy translation. I recommend the original Hebrew English translation, an interlinear Bible. Better yet, learn Biblical Hebrew!

The Whole Dream is about the LORD’s Righteous Judgement on the spirit of Molech, the spirit of murdering babies and harming children. It washed over us through the spirit of paganism, through the Babylon spirit, through your favourite idols, whose spirit behind them hates the spirit of Yeshua:

“They have built high places to Baal on which to burn their children in the fire as offerings to Baal—something I never commanded or mentioned, nor did it even enter My mind. So behold, the days are coming, declares the LORD, when this place will no longer be called Topheth or the Valley of Ben-Hinnom, but the Valley of Slaughter.”  Jeremiah 19: 5-7

The LORD’s mind is infinite, full of all knowledge, all genius, He knows all things. And yet, one thing will not enter His mind – to kill babies and children. He sees all evil. And He’s coming to judge it.

To put in modern word-usage terms, this vision is about God’s Judgment on abortion, which is the murder of children, together with His Judgement on the spirit behind it, the demonic spirit of Molech and child sacrifice.

Go to the LORD in intercession and repentance and praise of the LORD’s right to judge such an abominable evil.


NB: if you have killed your own baby – and the LORD is speaking equally to the man and the woman – you can repent and fall on the LORD’s mercy in Yeshua the Messiah. But you must repent and let His Holy Spirit work in you to help you through the valley of horror and grief up to the mountain of grace and safety from judgment. He understands all pressures, all rejections, all abuses, all things that led you, or the woman you impregnated, to go down that path. But don’t justify your sin before Him, for He is angry, furious even. The blood of millions of babies cries out and He simply will not wait any longer for you to stop your selfish ways.


If you are of the LORD’s:  Isaiah 54

If you are an enemy of the LORD’s: Psalm 2


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(Note added 07/02/2021: I think this judgment will be larger in America, as the wave was larger - where abortion is a multi-billion industry, and smaller in England, where it is not commerically operated. I can only think this is the reference to the spirit of mammon in the first scence, because our rates are not much different, with the US at 21 per 1000 and the UK at 17 per 1000 pregnancies. Whereas The report shows that the abortion organization had a record income of $1.46 billion and the fifth highest annual profit—$98.5 million - in its history. By comparison, abortion costs our National Health Service approximately £118,000 million per year. The biggest difference is also in legal limts. In England it is usually 24 weeks. The wave in the dream looked like California to me, where it is my understanding that it is legal to kill a baby up until birth?!)