Dream: Mountain Top Rapture

Mountain Top Rapture Dream

In September 2019 the LORD God gave me the following very vivid dream.

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It has since increased my seriousness in my walk with the LORD. Very unusually, in the last month, His Holy Spirit has taken me back into this dream twice - to add a scene each time. I’ve never had a dream build up scenes like this before. This dream has helped me understand one of the central themes to the work He's given me to do.

The original dream started with me walking up a mountain. I’m about 20 metres from the top.  The first thing I do is look down at my feet, I’m wearing my favourite walking boots. I notice a few lose small stones but nothing to make my feet slip. The mountain is like a triangle, at about a 30 degree angle, so steep but not so steep that I have to use my hands to crawl up. I am walking steadily, continually and at a healthy pace. I notice the air on this mountain is very clear and light, but that the mountain is barren, with a grey rocky surface, and not a single blade of grass, flower or vegetation all around me. I am very very high up the mountain when the dream starts. I feel content, and feel His Presence with me, much like I have felt walking in the mountain trials of the Engedi National Park in Israel.

Then, I notice I'm being shown something, so I look to my left as I'm walking. All I see in the distance is a small mountain range of three peaks, joined to each other so that people could walk between the peaks by going down a little. As these three mountain peaks are some distance away it is hard for me to judge if they are as tall as the mountain I’m on. I can see many people on these mountains as tiny figures. There is grassy green places in between the peaks, and it is yellower sun on their mountains. It's clear mountain light on mine but whiter, not warm yellow, and seeing the people together does give me a slight pang of loneliness. The tiny figures are moving sometimes between the three peaks. It looks like the kind of green lush grassy mountains on which you would have group picnics. I do wonder why the mountain I’m on is so barren, grey, and why I am completely on my own.

Then, in the dream I look down a very long way below and I see between the three mountains and the mountain I am on there is a wide valley. But I see it is filled with dark grey dirty water. I realise there is already no way for anyone to move between the three mountains to this one. Instantly I see the dark grey water begin to rise rapidly. This shocks me. I keep walking upwards to make sure I stay well above the rapidly rising water line! I’m almost at the peak now in the dream. From here I can now clearly see that the other three mountains are not as tall, because I can see the water rising to closer to their peaks than this one. The dark grey water is rising so fast in the dream!  I can see the little figures of many people now trying to move between their peaks to the higher two peaks, as the lowest one becomes completely and rapidly submerged in the dark grey rising water. I feel shock in the dream at this sight. Then the second peak, and then to my shock the third peak, disappears under the water! It happens so fast! The water is rising so fast and so high I keep walking. It's becoming so narrow at the top of the mountain. About two feet from the very peak there is suddenly a man; he didn't look like any man I actually knew. I am a bit surprised as I can't understand where he came from. But his presence becomes calming and comforting. I step onto the very tip of the mountain.  We're looking around and it's like we’re the only two people left in the world, as far as the eye can see is submerged under the water, which is now only a few feet below us. It is hard to get across how fast the water rose in the dream from far below in the valley. The top of the mountain was like a point. I can still remember the feeling under my walking boots as I step up onto the point of the peak and wait. We are both waiting on the top, there is nowhere else to go. As I wake from the dream, and still in shock as to why the three nicer looking mountains got submerged with all the people on them, I ask the LORD in my spirit, “LORD what were they?” To which I heard the words: “The False Gospels.” This shocks me and for some days, weeks and even months this dream comes back to my mind in my prayers many times. And I felt holy awe.

A few months after the dream I actually talked about the barrenness of the mountain with an elderly lady in my house church. She prayed with me that my mountain would become a bit more lush and not so alone. I didn't tell her about the other three false-gospel mountains. As she is praying I hear the Holy Spirit saying “Don’t accept that prayer, don't pray that prayer.” This is an often insightful elderly lady who has prayed with me many times over the years, so I keep quiet but pray not to accept the words. I felt a holy awe in my spirit again from the dream.

Last month, the LORD returns me into this dream but now in a waking vision while I’m praying. I am at the top of the mountain waiting. I can literally re-feel my feet on the very peak, like a point of rock under my boots as I recall this. I hear the LORD say: “Look right!” The man is right next to me about a foot away as the peak is very narrow, and he looks too. I turn my head right and see the sky filled with white mist with light in it, like a wall coming towards me. I can see it touching the curve of the top of the earth's atmosphere. It fills the sky from one end to the other. I can see the whole globe of the sky! But the white vapour cloud has a flat bottom, level with where we are, so imagine the very top of a globe being filled with a bright, thick pure white cloud-vapour that’s been cut with a knife.

The vapour is beautiful. But it is moving so so fast in one direction towards us, like a cloud front but as if someone is moving a very large arm swiftly horizontally from right to left across the sky. The bottom of it is precisely level with the very top of the peak of the mountain but I don’t release that until it’s touching us. From hearing the voice say: “Look right!” to it being on us is less than a blink in the dream. The millisecond it touches us we both disappear. It’s very very very fast.

As I’m coming out of the vision, I say “Won’t you come down into the valley?” and I hear a powerful voice which gives me the holy fear of the LORD saying “I came down into the dirt and the mess before. This time I’m only coming down to the mountain top.” The voice is full of authority, and holy fear. I realise that this time people have to come up to Him. After the vision He moves me with the instant question in my spirit: “What happens on the mountain top?” In His Word the Giving of the Ten Commandments, the Transfiguration, the Ark after the Flood, jump into my mind, for starters.  If I had been a few metres lower on the mountain the cloud would not have touched me and I would not have disappeared. It would have moved across above my head.

Then, about two weeks ago the LORD returns me to the vision again, for the third time! This time the man and I are no longer there, I know it is after we were taken off the mountain top.  But I am now observing the scene from a different perspective, up in the air just to the side of the other three mountains looking up at the mountain we used to be on.

I now see a massive wave of dark grey water rushing in between the two mountain areas, like a flood on top of the risen dark grey murky water. It's awful. But I also see a few people jumping off of the false-gospel mountains, to start swimming towards the True Mountain, because they’ve realised they were on the wrong mountains and they are turning their backs on them. This is incredible, and has a courageous beauty to it, because they know they got it wrong, and they know they’ve missed the Rapture. They even know they won’t actually get to climb up the True Mountain because of the power of the murky flood waters, but they refuse to be counted as staying on the False-Gospels. So they are beginning to swim towards the Mountain the cloud touched. None of them make it very far and they die in the water at different points. I see them each go under. But I know that the LORD has seen their hearts, has seen their rejection of the false, their desire to swim towards Him even though they know it means certain physical death. And in this action I am given to know, as I watch from the air above them, that they have saved their soul. I am given to "see" that their soul is then taken up and is placed safe above in His Heavenly Kingdom.

“Let all those who seek You rejoice and be in glad in You; and let those who love Your salvation forever say, Let God be magnified.

And I am afflicted and needy, come quickly to me O God; You are my help and my deliverer; O LORD, do not wait any longer.”

(Psalm 70:5-6)

Hebrew-English Interlinear Bible

Footnote: As I was praying about putting up this Dream, I heard someone say: "What are the False Gospels?"

To which I heard the LORD God reply to you: "Read My Word".

"Not books about My Word. Not video or podcast teachings from famous church leaders. Not My Words mixed with other religions. Just find Me in My Word.

I love you. I came to save you. I want you all to be saved. Read My Word. Find out the Truth."


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