Dream: sharks in the water - financial warning

Dream: sharks in the water - financial debt tsunami

Published on 26/09/21. You can also watch and listen to this word via our Videos link above.

Eight days ago, on 21/09/2021 the LORD gave me the following dream. On waking I knew it is a warning to unbelievers of a big wave of God’s Judgement and traumatic times. I actually believe it's symbolism is financial. Now is the time, today, to repent, trust and follow the LORD Yeshua / Jesus. Read His Word. Pray. Repent of your sins to God. Ask Him to help you have a relationship with Him, and to show you what to read from His Word every day. Honour Him. Follow His Word. Ask for His Holy Spirit to help you believe all His words in His Bible are true.


The Dream: It started with me very, very high up in a tall thin white high-rise building. I am living on the very top floor. I look outside. I am aware of a gentle tall male Presence behind me at my right shoulder. I know this is Yeshua. We stand on a white balcony. It’s right next to the beach front. I can see a medium sized bay in front of me, with cliffs either side. I literally have to look almost straight down to see the sandy beach beneath me. I am so high up people look like little black stick figures.

I then see a large wave coming in. But that isn't the most shocking part of this dream to me, like I almost expect to see the tsunami. I call out over the balcony “Tsunami!!” I’m trying to warn the people so far below. But the wind takes my voice away. In the dream, I knew this represented God’s Holy Spirit, in that the people below were therefore non-believers, because they were not able to hear my voice: “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit." (John 3:8) I could literally see the sound of my voice disappearing into the wind a few inches from my mouth.  

A the wave came in, I heard the screams of the people far below. I heard and saw one woman trying to warn another woman by screaming ‘tsunami’. So they were humanly aware of the tsunami coming, but much later from their low vantage point. There was nothing they could do, because they were not in the white tower with Yeshua.  I’ve just realised writing this, that I could hear her voice. But she couldn't hear mine.

The wave came in fast. It was not like a normal tsunami. I believe it is representative. But it could be both spiritually and physical, as that has happened to me before in a dream about a "tsunami".

The reason I thought I was seeing something large coming spiritually was that the water was very blue and clear. Which makes me think it represents God’s judgement. If it was the evil of the world it would have been dark and muddy. God’s crystal clear turquoise-blue judgement was coming over the black stick figures – meaning they had no spiritual life. The water was the colour of topaz, which is one of the heavenly and priestly jewels. The judgment coming within the sea I think represents His judgement coming on all nations; the sea is described as "peoples, multitudes, nations, and tongues" (Revelation 17:15)

Everyone on the sand got overwhelmed by the water. This reminds me of Jesus's parable warning to build your house not on sand but on the Rock of the Word of God (Matthew 7:24-27) The water was too deep for all of them. After it came in, some died, many were still alive but were trying to survive in the water. Because the water was clear I could see them within the water, even though they were below the surface. Like little black stick figures. It reminded me in my dream of the people falling from the twin towers. There was a clarity to my dream-vision even though I was so so high up looking down. It looked like watching from an airplane when you are about five minutes from landing-height. But the vision was very clear.

Then the water did a very ‘supernatural’ thing. As I looked outside again, and the water had come all the way up the building to exactly level with the top of the floor below. I said something to Yeshua like “It’s come all the way up to here!” looking to just below our balcony. I could see only the top floor that we were on was above the water. Meaning, nothing but the very top floor was safe. Nothing but complete trust in Yeshua is safe. The water was very clear and light turquoise blue up here. But it had moved from a deep normal tsunami level to something impossible to survive except supernaturally. I then thought, is there anyone below me in the building that I can save? I was instantly at an internal stair well outside my appartment door, and coming up from the floor below was just one person. A girl of about 8 years old. She wasn’t wet, she was just finishing walking up the stairs. She looked a bit like me when I was younger. As she was on an internal stair well, I think she represents my younger self. I am making sure I’m bringing all my memories into the secret place with My Beloved, My Saviour, asking for His Grace and Blood to cover me and forgiving everyone who has sinned against me; like really taking stock of my life and bringing it all before Him. The water just below her on the stair well was clear light turquoise and almost lit within itself. The girl was a little surprised but fine. We brought her into the apartment and closed the door.

Then Yeshua and I were back on the balcony again. The water had gone back from being ‘supernaturally’ high to its original height of deep water covering the unbelievers on the sandy beach. Many people were struggling in the deep water. Some were motionless. Some were alive but in deep water.

I then saw many, many sharks out in the bay moving straight for them. This was one of the two most shocking parts of the dream. Like a directed attack, each shark picking a person. Many, many sharks. The water was so clear I could see very clearly. The sharks were all black and white and looked focussed and ‘smart’. They reminded me of men in suits. It just seemed so cruel, almost instant, focussed and opportunist.

Then, lastly, I saw to my left from the balcony a large cliff made of sand, a very high dune. Not as high as us but much higher than the beach. On the top of the dune stood a small group of people, about eight. A man was the central figure. He was very wealthy. His ‘wife’ stood to his side. The rest of the group were people who worked for him. He was middle eastern looking. His wealth was shown in his dress; an orange highly ornate silk tunic and trousers, like middle eastern wedding gear but with no headgear. Not Indian but middle eastern. His ‘wife’ wore an embroidered silk yellow dress. They reminded me of people who are rich in oil money. The couple looked in their late twenties, or youthful early thirties at a stretch. He took a gun, it looked like an old British rifle and shot someone hitting them in the water, like sport. The stick figure had already been overwhelmed by the water and then attacked by a shark.  And then the group laughed that this figure was now dead, like the amusement of the rich. (There is a scene in one of the many holocaust movies that I’ve watched, where Hitler does the same to one of the Jewish prisoners in a camp from his balcony. He and his mistress also laugh as if it was amusing sport to them. It reminded me of this same psychopathy.) During this, I felt to get back behind the wall of the balcony but they didn’t see us at all.

Through the whole dream Yeshua stood very close behind me at my right shoulder. He felt kind, tall, like my Best Friend-Husband. He was wearing white, like the building. I knew this even though I never turned around. It was as if I could see Him anyway.

On waking I wondered instantly what the sharks, which seemed to think like humans, represent. I immediately thought of the phrase “loan sharks.” I am wondering if the next wave of God’s Holy Judgment to humble the world is financial. Then, the ungodly loan sharks might try to take out those already struggling. Then a rich cohort, something middle-eastern / emirates wealth mixed with British foreign and commonwealth connections? will pick off a few more for their own demented amusement. In the dream this group did not realise they were standing on top of sand.

I am sure this is a warning dream for unbelievers first and foremost. The LORD is still giving warnings. You don’t want to be down there. I asked the LORD for a Bible passage. He said “Psalm 106.” I looked it up and am still amazed every day by how clearly He wants to speak to His children:


Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good;

His loving devotion endures forever.

2Who can describe the mighty acts of the LORD

or fully proclaim His praise?

3Blessed are those who uphold justice,

who practice righteousness at all times.

4Remember me, O LORD, in Your favour to Your people;

visit me with Your salvation,

5that I may see the prosperity of Your chosen ones,

and rejoice in the gladness of Your nation,

and give glory with Your inheritance.

6We have sinned like our fathers;

we have done wrong and acted wickedly.

7Our fathers in Egypt did not grasp Your wonders

or remember Your abundant kindness;

but they rebelled by the sea,

there at the Red Sea.

8Yet He saved them for the sake of His name,

to make His power known.

9He rebuked the Red Sea, and it dried up;

He led them through the depths as through a desert.

10He saved them from the hand that hated them;

He redeemed them from the hand of the enemy.

11The waters covered their foes;

not one of them remained.

12Then they believed His promises

and sang His praise.



This is a warning to repent, turn to Him, follow His Word, live holy in His Holy Spirit. I also feel it is a call to His children to pray for each other, the ones He puts on our hearts, to ask Him for all the wisdom and guidance we need, trusting Him to take care of us, specifically financially, by “seeking first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness” (Matthew 6:33a) I pray we all honour Him and love Him as He deserves. Not for what He can do for us. But because He is The Beautiful One. In Yeshua’s Name, amen.

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