That Russian Bear

Published on 22nd Cheshvan (08/11/20) at 22:07. 

I am so sad. For three days I have felt deep prophetic grief. And even more grief at the LORD’s dishonour that has caused this judgment to come. The LORD God started my time in prayer today with Jeremiah 4:8-31 - please read now or at the end.

Great, GREAT untold, shocking sorrow is coming. The psychological shock will be almost too much for many people to bear. An attack on America. And a judgment on America. I hear so much of China attacking America. But watch Russia; very, very closely. But if I was to give advice to our British services and leaders I would say watch yourselves before the LORD even closer. Repent for not relying on Him even more.  He will give you the strategies. Don’t try to maneuverer based on your reasoning without Him, or you will fail. Pray, pray, pray!!! Then the words and actions will come.

The Chinese dragon is showy, all fire-tassels and noise but underneath it is men in uniformed-movement, looking bigger than they are. But the Russian bear hunts alone, he hunts you in stealth and attacks from the side.

Back in the early summer the LORD highlighted two dates to me: July 15th and July 22nd. He told me to write the following message in my diary on July 15th:

“Deadline USA. Slight reprieve until 22nd

When the LORD gives me Gregorian dates I often find the events happen the evening before, just like the Jewish day which begins the evening before. (I’m a Jewish believer in Yeshua.)  So, I was looking for something to happen to America on the eve of 15th and the eve of 22nd. Nothing notable did, at least not to my tiny mind. So, some days later I went back to the LORD. I had felt it was Pestilence, War and Famine. But none of these things had a "suddenly" to them on either of those dates. So I asked the LORD:

He totally surprised me by somehow taking me to two news stories about Russia!! I didn’t understand for a while. But now I must release these two events as key points as a beginning of an actual “war”. It just isn’t obvious yet. But it very soon may be more obvious, and this is the great grief I have for what is coming.

Let me be clear. In the Word of God, empires are only allowed to play the role God assigns them, to bring His humbling, judgment and purposes. If we think evil is winning, we will fear. If we understand it is God’s judgment on a very evil fallen world, we will repent, purify and humble ourselves in very close relationship with Him, and place ourselves throughout every day in prayer and His saving blood.

The LORD God of Israel often used foreign empires to judge and call His people back to Himself, to chastise and humble them. Then, after they had cried out from a position of humility, with troubles squashing their arrogance, He would judge the people’s through whom His judgment had came.

Here are the two stories which He showed me are way more significant than they appear.  The first came out on 15th and the second on 22nd July. I would have completely missed them and definitely not seen their significance without the LORD. They have since been long forgotten in the media, but they are very important pegs in the ground on end times prophecy. They are the start of a hidden war, like a key in a lock turning; so much so that I have been nervous of speaking of them publicly:

July 15th:  “A long-awaited report into alleged Russian interference in UK politics will be released within the next week. The Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) unanimously agreed on Thursday morning to publish the report before parliament's summer recess begins next Wednesday. Critics have previously accused the government of sitting on the Russia report for nine months. It comes after a furious row over the election of Dr Julian Lewis as the committee's new chair. Dr Lewis has had the Conservative whip removed by Number 10 after he secured the role ahead of former Cabinet minister Chris Grayling, who Downing Street had wanted to chair the committee. A senior government source said Dr Lewis's punishment was for "working with Labour and other opposition MPs for his own advantage". Dr Lewis was surprisingly elected chair following a vote by the nine-strong committee on Wednesday. (July 15th )

Why is this significant? On July 15th, a new chair on this committee was voted in, who then immediately decided this report on Russian interference in Britain would finally be published before Parliament went into recess a week later on 22nd.

On the eve of 22nd , so evening of 21st  (start of the Jewish day) the report was published. It was in the British news all day on 22nd. I still didn’t get the significance, until I came across this tweet from our own Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who was brought up in his mother’s Christian faith with a Jewish father. We are blessed as a nation to have men like him in position. Pray for him in Yeshua: 

“We’ve been clear that Russia must desist from its attacks on the UK & our allies. We will be resolute in defending our country, our democracy & our values from such Hostile State Activity.”

Mr Raab is know for his mild mannered delivery and highly diplomatic choice of words. So after I read these words I found myself actually said out loud to myself: “These are the words of war.” Not that Britain was initating this, but that these words are British government responding to acts of war with strong words of war.

I believe a hidden war in hidden places was clocked in to Russian chagrin on 15th and 22nd July, with the publication of this report into Russian interference. And it somehow had caused the LORD to tell me:

“Deadline USA, slight reprieve until 22nd.”

I believe something was decided behind the scenes on those two dates, in response to the actions publically taken. Although the report was from Britain, it is going to affect America more than us. But, it will affect us very much - psychologically and economically - and humble Britain as a nation to get on her face, repent, and return to the God of the Bible as her ONLY Protector. Kings, queens and Heads of State don’t call days of CHRISTIAN prayer anymore and I am telling you they really should!!! But even if they don’t, you can as an individual and the LORD God will hear you in Jesus Name and help you through or out, whatever His will is for you and your loved ones. This world is not going 'back to normal.' We are the changing of the guard. What was 'normal' anyway? An asleep church, a sin-addicted, ungodly, post-god arrogant generation, a Western, so-called Christian, world spiralling away from God faster and faster, a cacophany of prideful self righteous, God-hating, mocking voices. Who wants to go back to that 'normal' anyway? I don't.

For a directly related word about seeing the fall of America please click on The Unthinkable, given to me by my God exactly seven days before Gorge Floyd died. To publish a word about the fall of America at that time seemed so ridiculous and unbelievable.

For another directly related word on the fall of American as a free land ("democratic election"), and martial law, please click on Freedom Island on Fire, published on 5th July. As regards the US election 'results', if you feel like you are watching a pantomime, that's because you are. You are being allowed to see what you are being allowed to see; to stir you up, to get you to rage. What's the best way to defeat your enemy? From within. Divide and conquer. Imagine being Republican and feeling as if the vote was stolen. Imagine being Democrat and believing you have the victory, and then it is taken away? There would now no longer be enough God in Americans to stop the rage and civil war that will ensue if this happens. The enemy may think he planned it. But God is allowing whatever does happen, to show us as humans that we cannot do 'good' without 'God' - as we arrogantly think we can in this post-god generation. To think so is to dishonour our Creator. It's prideful. "A curse cannot settle without cause." (Proverbs 26:2) So if a curse settles and works in a person, group or nation, it is because there was ungodly cause. God is the God of Blessings AND Curses (Deuteronomy 28). This concept is not much understood by the modern 'church'. 

These previous words on the fall of America are important, as they lead up to the war with China, with Russian behind them (today's word). All the Prophetic Words the LORD has given me this year are linked, like a great big jigsaw. For more on this, explore all of the Prophetic Words, as information is given by the LORD about America several times in several words. If you are an American believer, or even not a believer, please pray, repent daily, nightly, and get your heart right with God. He will comfort you and no matter what, if your soul is safe in Him you are safe for eternity. Pray for those around you to be saved also.

I don’t think I have ever been this sad in my spirit before, and yet also this angry in righteousness at the wickedness that has led to this judgment. The evil I see as ‘acceptable’ in ‘law’ now places a white pure righteous anger within me by His Holy Spirit. 

Make the purity of your heart before the LORD and your total dependence of your relationship with Jesus (Yeshua) your absolute priority.

LORD, give us the words to pray for our American brothers and sisters in Yeshua, to pray for the unsaved in America to repent, to pray that the wicked be judged for their evil and arrogance against You, and to steady ourselves in our hearts and minds for what life will feel like when America, China and Russia (and therefore the Middle East) is at war. It will affect the whole world.

It’s going to break your heart. It is going to feel frightening, very frightening. Only by clinging close to Jesus and hiding under His Wings will you be able to steady yourselves and even bring His peace and Light to a very, very lost, dying and dark world. But as much as it is hard to ‘experience’ it prophetically, why does the LORD tell several of His children these things in advance?

To warn yes, but also to show you that God speaks to His children. I know I can’t change most of what He shows me. But I can warn, so that when these things happen, God wants people everywhere to know, regardless of country or culture, that He will speak to you if you will listen. And He is ready to save your soul if you will humble yourselves, repent of your sins and give your hearts and lives to Him. Even if it is just as you think you are about to be killed in war or die of starvation or just give up in total fear. Call out to Jesus anyway, no matter what the cost and save your soul by trusting in Him for Your Salvation. Jesus is God, He came to die on the cross to pay the price for your sins, which are many, no matter how well or badly you lived your life. But you must repent.

I may be mocked for this message. I don’t care. I love, serve and try to obey my King of Heaven, for His Glory and Honour, because He’s been dishonoured for far too long. In conclusion, I will end where the LORD started me. He started by personally giving me these verses, to take away any of my fear:

“I know your works. Behold, I have given a door being opened before you, and no one is able to shut it,

for you have a little power and have kept My word,  and have not denied My Name.” (Revelation 3:8)

“Because you kept the word of My patience, I also will keep you out of the hour of trial

which is going to come on all the habitable world in order to try those dwelling on the earth.

Behold I am coming quickly. Hold what you have that no one take your crown.” (Revelation 3:10-11)

But then He gave me Jeremiah 4: 8-31 for the unrepentant world. It is not comfortable reading. Who would not want to repent and turn now, to be spared the hour of trial which is going to come on all the habitable world, in order to try those dwelling on the earth? If you have ever wondered if the LORD God is true, ask Him and He will show you. But please do it now and don’t wait.

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