Vision: Prayer Strategy for the UK

Vision: Prayer Strategy for UK

Published on 22nd Cheshvan (09/11/20).

Vision: Prayer Strategy for UK.

[Note added on 13/11/20. Incredibly, I am so joyful and encouraged by the LORD because, just two days after this vision and word was published, this happened, an incredible declaration by Jacob Rees-Mogg quoting Scripture IN THE HOUSE OF COMMONS! As written in this vision and word below, "God wants to make room for the many right-minded people in our government and institutions to make laws again that protect the British people from the wrath of God. They know it. They read their Bibles. They even have small Bible studies within the Houses of Parliament – unofficial, in their office, a Bible reference here, a Bible reference there", which is EXACTLY what Jacob Rees-Mogg then does just two days later! Next, this vision is supernatural, invisible and a wise prayer strategy, of God's Power over Parliament. Listen to Rees-Mogg's words describe the exact same quality of God: "Rees-Mogg further stated that his colleague had raised "a point of fundamental importance" by questioning the current restrictions and further argued that the authority of God must always be enthroned above that of the state. [INCREDIBLE! In the vision the LORD flew me over the heads of Parliament.] "The hope that we may all take - the reassurance that those of us who have faith may be certain of - is that the highest authority is unquestionably immortal, invisible and only wise, and even outside the control of the House of Commons." [In the vision the LORD took me supernaturally through walls in Parliament, ie: outside the control of the natural.]


Next, the LORD asked me to really listen to the details. In his speech. Jacob Rees-Mogg who is in his 'house' (the House of Commons) quotes from one other source, Pope Boniface. I smiled at this, because I'm speaking this vision from my house, which was called The Boniface, as a new-build design. How kind and precise He is to let us know He loves us.

Next, in this vision, I say that "God wants to make room for the many right-minded people in our government and institutions to make laws again that protect the British people from the wrath of God." Within three days of the vision, not one but two top 'spin doctors/advisors' to the British Prime Minister are told to leave with immediate effect "to clear the air."

"The first to be cut has the surname Cain. That was my acquired surname through my first, deceased, marriage. The details of this rapid confirmation of the vision to me are making me smile deeply with the Love of my life the LORD Yeshua. The closeness of His communication with us is very, very real.

Several commentarors are asking "What has happened?" that two senior advisors to the Prime Minister have been told to leave within a few days. We know what's happening: holy humble supernatural prayer! It is not their policies we are to focus on. I asked the LORD why they are to leave. He gave me one word: "Manipulation." We as a nation, and our government, are to achieve our purposes under God through holiness, and holy methods and character. Then we will be gaining His greatest favour and protection. Who wouldn't want that over their nation? "First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgiving be offered for everyone - for kings and all those in authority - so that we may lead tranquil and quiet lives in all godliness and dignity. This is good and pleasing in the sight of God our Savior." (1 Timothy 2:1-3). A kingdom is at peace within - by following God - and protected from without - by sheltering in His Word. Much like individual Kingdom people. 

Let's watch the LORD clean up our government and nation to His Holy Word's standard and 'take down' those who are conciously working against His Judeo-Christian Bible, thus limiting His favour, authority and protection over this nation. Well done brides who went into intercession and prayed for our nation; KEEP GOING! Please forward this prayer vision to other brides. Praise God for His Love for us!

Here is the Vision Prayer Strategy: please read and forward to the purest interession brides you know, keeping it hidden, holy and supernatural:

22nd Cheshvan (09/11/20): The LORD woke me up to pray for the UK in the early hours around dawn. Instantly, the LORD Yeshua took me up by my arms. I was flying underneath Him over London. He was holding me under my arms, like a Parent Eagle holding a child under their arms by it’s pinions. My arms were free to move, so was my entire body. I was hanging in this strange but quite fun position. Through His complete grip I was a lower extension of Him. I could look around but only looked straight ahead. It didn’t even cross my mind, until I’m trying to describe it to you, that I was in danger of falling. I felt completely secure. I did however think “this is strange!” I looked a little puzzled, like what is my Father God up to? I used to live in London. I knew exactly where we were. He was flying along the Embankment of the Thames, from East to West, straight towards the Houses of Parliament. As we flew I could hear the most amazing sound. I’ve spent some minutes trying to figure out how to describe it. The nearest sound would be if you took the first few milliseconds before a jet fighter went over your head. There is a high whoosh, before all the base notes kick in; it makes you instinctively duct. It is ‘ominous’ and too fast to determine from where it comes. It stayed this sound the whole approach to the Houses of Parliament. This sound was coming from the movement of Him flying, with me held under where my arms join my shoulders, dangling beneath Him.  Although we were going supernationally fast I felt no discomfort or pull. It was calm and gentle to me. But the sounds was unearthly. It had a very slight similarity to the early soft whistle of steam beginning to come out a kettle but with the incoming attack power of something supernatural and unstoppable, because the King of the Universe was powering it.

At this point He said a strange thing. He said “Put your right foot out.”

I paused and looked up to Him for clarification. Both my feet were freely dangling, so I didn’t know how to put just my right foot out. He said again, “Your right foot.” I knew He meant to bend my left leg up at the knee behind me, to lift my left foot out the way. I still didn’t know what I was going to do with my right foot, which was now the only leg hanging down.

As I did this we supernaturally entered into Parliament. We’re still flying, fast. Now we’re silent. We don’t stop. He is flying over certain people. I recognise the first one instantly. I do not like him, I never have. He talks out of the side of his mouth spiritually. (Remember I was in London.) The LORD is directing me, so that my right foot kicks them down! I don’t kick them, it’s just that the LORD is flying me so fast and powerfully over them that when my right foot hits them they are taken down.

He wants His bride to supernaturally through prayer take down the ungodly within our government. The right foot is the holy foot, His bride won’t use her sins or her own strength [her left foot]. This is divine supernatural intercession warfare. Surprise warfare too. They didn’t know what hit them. As fast as we entered the building, was as fast as He was flying around it, no walls, just to every individual He wanted taken down. He wasted no time, no deviation, He was flying me to be in place to just hit down those He didn’t want there. I don’t think He let me know all but one of them, because we simply need to pray in His Spirit that He take down the ungodly from our government. He knows who they are. He sees and hears all things, and sees inside them. He was swerving and moving so, so fast just above all their heads, so that my extended right foot – interceding in His authority only, not from any of my pride or humanness – hit each person He wanted taken down and they fell down. They didn’t know where the attack came from so they had no time to react or fight back, because it was supernatural.

This all happened within about seven seconds! In and out. Then He flew me to another very important building that is On The River. We flew in there and out so fast it was instant, like literally instant. I didn’t see anything in the natural, I just know that He told me we’d been there. My right foot – the prayer extension of His divine authority – hit and took a few more people down.

He wants to make room for His Authority, His Light, His servants to serve this country in His Truth and Holy Spirit. Restoring and keeping this nation free from both evil and His Righteous Judgement.

Then He flew me across several other buildings still in central London. I understood them to mean ‘connections to the first two places, and businesses etc’. He then even took me flying over a modest café where one individual man was, and he too was taken down. I can describe him; in his sixties, white grey black, slightly wavy hair protruding slightly from a leather black cap, jeans, slightly overweight, he meets with people from our Gog and Magog districts  – “a mover and shaker”, but not for God!

The whole vision took under two minutes. It was as if His focus now was to let me know: PRAY IN ORDER TO TAKE DOWN ALL THE UNGODLY IN OUR PARLIAMENT, GOVERNMENT, GOVERNMENT AGENCIES, BUSINESSES AND INDIVIDUALS.

This was not a hunt for just the run of the mill ungodly. This was a supernatural intercession strategy to empty ourselves of ourselves and go into supernatural prayer; to take down all those who stand in the way of Britain returning to be a Holy Sheep nation, to make room for Him, to align through His ones our nations Laws and Foreign Policy with His Holy Word and what He says about nations.

Then, He turned away from London to the major midland cities. I was still in London, but looking north with Him. This is to show the effect of what He was about to show me is influencing all the places I had just been with Him. And this is why we must pray! Now He said to focus on two more ideologies that He wants taken down, if this nation is to be who she is in His Word:

  • Institutions based in the major midland cities that, how can I say this, nationally promote the ideology at war with the Judeo-Christian Word of God and His Jewish and Christian people. Be especially careful of the women, He warned. Where once they may have been victims of this ideology in their countries of origin, since they’ve been in this nation for two generations, they now have a generation that is jezebel-ic, enjoying the power which political correctness has afforded them, and enjoying the slight social fear and acquiescence their appearance invokes. They hate Judeo-Christian values and people. Do not underestimate the female ways of war. Now His tactic was different. We didn’t fly over these centres. I just saw that by praying against them, His Holy fire burned them up. It was that simple. Pray for His Holy Fire to fall on anything that comes against His Word in the UK.

  • Then, the next instantaneous focus surprised me, because ideologically it doesn’t at first appear to make sense, until the LORD reminded me of a phrase I read years ago. He was focussing still on these centres for ideology at war with us as a Judeo-Christian nation, which is what He so desires us to rise up and return to. It is possible. It is not over my fellow brides. But, His focus was now against a rebellious lifestyle that has gained ferocious ground, and then pleasant acquiescence, against God’s Creative and reproductive law of love – to my surprise, the LORD God of the Bible was showing me that it came to be greatly increased into this country through this ideology! The phrase that I remembered now, was from the area of the world where men from this ideology originate. It is this and it is foul: “Girls are for marriage and boys are for fun.” I remember reading of some American forces haunted by occurrences of hearing of this practice but being unable to rescue the boys being abused, as it was ‘outside’ the remit of their deployment. They were only to enter certain buildings if a named enemy was identified as within. It broke their hearts. I understand this ideology publicly decries this form of sexual abuse, but this ideology operates in smoke, mirrors and lies. As we well now know, it is not the religion of peace, no matter how many times certain ‘news’ (propaganda) outlets would try to force fed our minds such unequivocable baloney.

God wants to make room for the many right-minded people in our government and institutions to make laws again that protect the British people from the wrath of God. They know it. They read their Bibles. They even have small Bible studies within the Houses of Parliament – unofficial, in their office, a Bible reference here, a Bible reference there. Pray for these righteous ones. Holding the line, often undercover. Pray for them in our intelligence and diplomatic services. Imagine knowing God’s laws and yet having to publicly be diplomatic with a snake you know would stab you in the back the second you turned to walk away, as he smiles? Yet the law, or current policy of your office, does not allow you to make that a key feature of your law, not yet at least.

The LORD is so repulsed by ungodly behaviour and evil beliefs being put into Law. Why? Because it is an evil mockery of His Law. He gave and created Law to help bring us, His Creation, maximum peace, beauty, love, order, a prospering society and showing us how to worship Him in Loving Relationship. To take His very instrument of blessing and use it to codify curses is both arrogant beyond belief to Him, repulsive to His beautiful eyes, and bewildering to those among this nation who are trying to obey His Law. He has heard the outcry of His ones in this land. We hate ungodly laws, we feel betrayed by those who work in government. The LORD designed this nation of Britain to be a reflection of His Ten Commandments. Do not add or take away from His Law, and expect God of your heart beats to not notice or do anything about it. Sin always has consequences, and anyone who tells you it doesn’t is enjoying watching your downfall.



THE LARGE PRAYERS FROM CHURCHES I SAW HIM TAKING AWAY LIKE DEADWOOD. THE SMALL BRIDAL PRAYERS INSTEAD BECAME MUCH HOTTER FIRES. I saw the large churches gather people to pray for America and grieve over that nation’s forthcoming events, the bride is to take this warning of God’s judgment and intercede and focus on this nation. The large prayers will be wishy-washy, with no mention of repentance, for either the USA, or our nation, and therefore totally useless in warning and protecting us in the humility and purity of God’s Word.

He wanted me to know how powerful small pure intercessions can be. Amazingly, when I asked for a Bible verse He gave me Psalm 131:

Psalm 131: A song of ascents. Of David.

My heart is not proud, LORD,
    my eyes are not haughty;
I do not concern myself with great matters
    or things too wonderful for me.
But I have calmed and quieted myself,
    I am like a weaned child with its mother;
    like a weaned child I am content.

Israel, put your hope in the Lord
    both now and forevermore.


It is about our heart attitude and love for Him, complete love for Him, weaned off our ‘mother’s, meaning no one, no love, no attachment, no church organisation, no Christian figurehead, no Politian or political party, comes above our attachment to Him. It is also a very calming prayer. The LORD said to me recently, “Do not rebuke the devil in pride.”  He gave me His example “Get behind me satan”. It was simply a statement of fact. He is reminding me of “Do not rejoice that the devils bow down to you but that your name is written in the book of life.” He also is reminding me of how He spoke to the adversary at His temptation in Luke 4. He was calm. Because He was empty of pride. He just stated His Father’s Words and Will. With Holy Humble Power. I’m sure this is why He’s given His secret bride this Psalm. This Psalm also links Israel to this intercession focus. How on this earth can we return to being a sheep nation if we grow in partnership with an ideology that hates Jewish, and Christian, people? It’s book says so even if it’s people pretend, to others and themselves. Pray in thanks for those in our government who are both beautifully verbal and strong in protecting our UK Jewish citizens, and loving the God of Israel the LORD Jesus Christ. Full Bible believers basically. Up until Tony Blair this government were very open and unashamed about talking about being Christians. We need to return to that. Does Britain, small isle, think it can survive the coming wars and world events without the God of the Bible supernaturally favouring us? 

Remember this is a supernatural prayer strategy. It is not for our pride. It is underground. Prayer, supernaturally attached to His Scriptures, flying and seeing in His Holy Spirit, in total dependence on His Word. Pray His Word not our own. It is as a jet plane against a human.

Please forward this website and this prayer instruction, not to many, but to the purest brides in Yeshua you know, ones who you know will act on it. It takes very very few, even just one, in the right position with Him, to change a nation through obedience to God. Moses. Joseph. King David. King Josiah. Paul. John. Yeshua.

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