Untimely Memorial

Untimely Memorial

Given on 8 Cheshvan (26/10/20). Published on 25 Cheshvan (12/11/20). 

Last month, I asked the LORD in what order the many things I’ve seen would happen to America:

“LORD, in what order?

  1. Wind, swirl, infection dust [I got the impression there was already the winds/hurricanes/tropical storms. ‘Infection dust’ is definitely another pestilence, worse than before; a mutation, or I need to say “an addition”, something else will be added.]
  2. Earthquake
  3. Earthquakes, more, more
  4. Bomb
  5. Fall Apart. [this looked like the whole earth]

It is hard to comprehend how I felt no fear when I wrote this list down. I do not know how long between each one, it felt like a progression, where one is related to the next etc.  

I do not think the Bride of Christ will experience all of this. The small bride of the LORD is not the ‘church’. There may be a very VERY, small overlap. But much of the church is not the bride.

The bride is trying her hardest through Him to keep herself ready for her wedding to her first Love, the Greatest Love she has ever experienced. The bride’s heart is humble, reliant on Him as much as she can, spiritually and practically; and daily and nightly with Him - in His love - crucifying her self-sufficiency, loving His Word and being in it more than she has ever been, hours and hours; not just held back but not even wanting to partake of the normal activities she used to, even last year. She wants to be hidden away in her love, listening for His Voice, watching at her window for His Return. She can feel His loving devotion to getting her ready and she is so in love with her LORD and Kinsman-Redeemer. She is not proud in the power she sees given to her in prayer. She knows it is not hers but her lovers. She dances with Yeshua in the heavens, she cries at His global dishonour and hatred, she dislikes this world and its hellish trinkets and attempted manipulations; she glimpses the gut wrenching stench of sin, from which He is constantly trying to turn away his nostrils. She wants to be a place of beauty, rest, honour and happiness for His heart too. She feels alone here, except with His Presence and those few others that carry it in their hearts, to the same extent or more. She yearns to be heaven-home. She tries to spiritually jump up like a child as much as she can in trust, while listening for any other work to be done in His Name. The bride will ask for and has been given faith to believe she will be raptured and has pleaded to be found worthy of being taken away to rest, and escape that hour of trial coming on the whole earth (Revelation 3)

So, the order list above is what I believe I heard Him say.

To which I replied.

“That’s USA. What about England?”

To which I believe I heard Him respond very gently to me:

“Quiet, like after snow.

Quiet, dying but hidden.”  [I see a worse pestilence]

Gentile, organised, respectful, sombre [The governmental and national coping mechanism to the pestilence]

Like mourning the war dead.

I saw Prince William at the cenotaph, with Kate off to one side like she was supporting him from a different place, maybe at home. It was like a Poppy Day. But it wasn’t a normal Poppy Day. It was like the British crown King was mourning for our dead from pestilence I think, or an earthquake, or even a war, in America, or all of these things. It felt like there had been the most shocking earthquake(s) event in America and this nation was in mourning. But on the backdrop of our own effects of many dead over the winter. Prince William had on a black coat, and it felt like a brisk spring-like day in a quiet, still emptier, London. Its air and spring-like sun felt like the time coming out of winter, not going in, hence the title "an untimely memorial." [In England we hold our Memorial Day on 11/11 at 11:00 am, which was yesterday. The timing is planned by man. When I saw a particular politician in a black wool coat with a poppy on God brought this vision right back into my mind to release. He is a politician heavily connected to the current illnesses. God is saying, the timing of this coming memorial for America, after a huge natural disaster, is therefore not planned by man. But this grief will be mixed with some people's grief for a 'winter of loss' through illness and I believe personal loss for Prince William, in the Queen and Prince Charles.]

I saw sombre church services, screened.

I heard Church bells across the nation.

Snow. It will be a snowy winter. Hymns on TV. Like all inside hibernating animals in woodlands.

[Note added 12/02/21 - this part of the prophetic word was confirmed over this last week: "Snow and icy conditions are set to cause further disruptions across the United Kingdom after the deepest "extreme freeze" in a decade hit the country, causing mass cancelations of classes, businesses, and travel services. On Thursday, February 11, 2021, the country has recorded its coldest night in more than 25 years as the mercury dropped to nearly -23 °C (-9.4 °F) in northern Scotland. About 70 schools were shut across the UK, while many businesses and travel services were canceled or delayed as snow blanketed the country during the storm's onslaught. According to local media, it was believed to be the deepest "extreme freeze" for a decade." from The Watchers 11/02/21] In addition, we are now in our third national lockdown, so "all inside hibernating animals in woodlands" as prophesied above and in the snow. The Thames froze over for the first time in 60 years and the sea turned to ice in Cumbria.]

[Note added 21/04/21 - we have had two pre-echos of this in March and April of 2021 now; in both a remembrance day on 23rd March 2021, for those who have lost their lives from "Covid 19", when there was a minutes silence, just like we do on our Remembrance Sunday in November, but this 'untimely memorial' was in March on exactly the right sort of day, a bright but cold spring day. The British Military Band produced a video even playing exactly the same solo trumpet piece as we hear on Remembrance Sunday in November for the war dead but played in March, so exactly "an untimely memorial". And Parliamentarians marked the day in black.

We have also had the mourning of Prince William, the Queen and Prince Charles in the death of Prince Phillip; again on a bright spring day. Again, just like our Remembrance Sunday for the war dead, the UK held a minute's silence. Prince William was standing separately from Catherine behind his grandfather's coffin, while she stood in the chapel, both in black. This was highly unusual, as the Royal Family usually wear military uniforms for state funerals. But I still don't think either of these is the full working out of what I was seeing in the vision. MANY PARTS, yes. But what I saw marked something far greater, far worse. As I have been thinking about it again, I think it is significant that I "saw" Prince William at the War Cenotaph in London, because that is where we mark the loss of the war dead. So, I think this vision is related to a memorial for a war in America? I'm not sure. Or was it an earthquake and / or a war? I could be interpreting it in it's entirety wrong, by putting the pieces together in the wrong way. But I will continue to wait for more of what I saw. So far though, we are well into the pre-echos of this vision.]

I heard the LORD say: “My sword out of My Mouth is My WORD – it either protects or destroys. Both at the same time.”

This England section of this vision I felt I would see horizontally, as in here on earth. [Not vertically, as if looking down on the earth from heaven.] So possibly this will be not too far in the future and after 1,2 and 3 from the list above. But before 4 and 5. That's what it felt like to me.

As I prayed about releasing this word and vision, I bowed my head to pray for Prince William. I had a very quick vision: I went to his house and put a small white fire of the LORD Jesus in his garden for him. I didn’t go in his house out of respect for him as King. He was still young, looking much the same as he does now. He then came out to where I had gently laid down the white flame of the LORD for him. He sat on a log feature in his garden and I saw him reading a Bible by himself. He had it opened in his hands, just above his lap, as if he wasn’t entirely used to making it this personal. He was extremely thoughtful, brave, sad yes, strong in his duty but quietly seeking the LORD Jesus. I could feel him thinking and feeling: “I need help.” This felt like something quite new for him, in that this time was personal, one on one. Pray for him, brides of Christ. I feel tears of grief for him, he is still young for this, and not without temptation to compromise from older advisors and international leaders, who will want to influence him in those first few years of transition, to take advantage of his newness to the role and lack of years. Pray he starts feeding himself on the wisdom in the Bible, reading Proverbs and the wisdom books. Pray for the LORD's favour, when he gets it wrong for a little while, that the LORD will move the right people in, and out, around him. The LORD actually has already been doing some of this, in preparation. For He knows the timing of every person's.. last... ordained...... breath. 

I have felt called to pray for America for some months. But this morning, after the vision of a prayer strategy for the UK, and now this, I feel a strong call – like a clarion silver trumpet – to pray for this nation, the United Kingdom and specifically England [I am English.]

I am Messianic too, which means I am of Jewish descent, and believe the New Testament as well as the Old.  I feel the call is for William, and Kate, to become strong Messianic believers, in that Yeshua was Jewish and that Israel is no longer a friend to which to give or sell half-hearted love. This needs to come from a warm heart of love within them as a couple for Israel within our beautiful Holy Scripture. I pray this is an inherent part of William and Kate’s salvation. Pray for their security and safety as a family, for every time they are together, they now hold many successions of the crown.

Instruction to the bride of Christ:

“Hide in Yeshua, sit tight, fellowship with joy until the light breaks through in February. The world won’t be the same.

But you will be brighter in My Love. My Light will shine for you in the darkness, My ones, My love, My treasured ones, My jewel.”



There is a part two to this message but it is such a Holy word I am praying for the LORD God to give me both the protection and courage to release it. I pray for all the ones, the prophets, who know what's coming. "Didn't I keep Noach safe in the Ark?" (Noach is Noah's name in Hebrew and means "rest, comfort.")

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